Although the bulk of classes are booked with mentioned days and meeting times, that is sometimes much more appropriate to schedule a TBA (To be Announced) meeting pattern. TBA meetings indicate forced weekly contact hours will be support agreed upon between the instructor and enrolled students.

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When a class with an instruction setting of classic (Face come Face) offers a TBA conference pattern, these contact hours must be accounted for as component of the meeting pattern. Supervision courses are the only exception; you carry out not need to suggest TBA hrs for SUP kind classes.

See Coding indict Mode and also Learning mode for class Sections - Under Updating and also Maintaining the course Schedule for more information on accuse Mode.

The number of hours a class meets every week is figured out by the course"s CS Number and its variety of units. For example: a 3 unit seminar class, CS Number 04 would fulfill for 3 hours a week. Please note that TBA hours for the Fall and Spring terms should reflect weekly complete contact hours vs. The Summer hatchet which reflects full contact hrs for the session. Usage the adhering to grid to recognize how countless hours your TBA conference pattern needs.

TBA hrs NeededCS NumberComponentUnitsTotal call Hours every Week
01 thru 06Lec or Sem11
01 thru 06Lec or Sem22
01 thru 06Lec or Sem33
07 thru 14Act / (excluding sports or Performance)12
07 thru 14Act / (excluding sports or Performance)24
07 thru 14Act / (excluding sports or Performance)36
15 and 16Lab13
15 and 16Lab26
15 and 16Lab39
18 thru 21Act / sport or Performance13
18 thru 21Act / sports or Performance26
18 thru 21Act / sport or Performance39

The adhering to steps will certainly walk you through the procedure of developing a TBA conference pattern and populating the TBA hrs field.

Scheduling a single Meeting Pattern

Step 1

Go come the preserve Schedule of great or Schedule brand-new Course component. ~ above the Meetings Tab, enter TBA in the meeting Pattern (Pat) Field.



Step 2

Click ~ above the meeting APDB Mapping values field.


Step 3

You will view the TBA hours field. Get in the number of hours the the class should be meeting weekly.


NoteDo not populate the Space kind field or the OLD learning Md field. The Space form field immediately populates indigenous the directory when the ar is saved. The OLD discovering Md ar is not being used. See Coding accuse Mode and Learning mode for course Sections for much more information on instruction Mode

Step 1When a class meets in person and additionally has extr TBA hours, go to the preserve Schedule of class or Schedule new Course component. On the Meetings Tab, develop the first meeting sample by populating the Facility ID, Pat, Mtg Start and Mtg End fields.
 Step 2Create a second meeting pattern. Get in TBA in the meeting Pattern (PAT) field. Click on the meeting APDB Mapping worths field.
 Step 3You will watch the TBA hrs field. Go into the variety of hours the the class should be conference weekly. Click the ok button.

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NoteDo not populate the Space kind field or the OLD discovering Md field. The Space kind field immediately populates native the directory when the section is saved. The OLD discovering Md field is not being used. See Coding indict Mode and Learning setting for class Sections for more information on instruction Mode.