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Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP) is identified as 0 levels Celsius and also 1 setting of pressure.

Do not confuse STP through the STP products Company, a machine of oil and also fuel additives...unless you room reading one of their security Data Sheets!

Additional Info

STP is used in numerous thermodynamic calculations and tabulations. Details properties of matter such together density, viscosity, boiling point etc. Will vary with changes in temperature or pressure. Having actually one common set of problems ("state") because that tabulating these values renders comparisons possible and eases calculations.

The ide of matter in its typical state (also called "standard conditions") is closely related. "Standard state" go not generally imply a certain temperature, however 25 °C (298 K) is most often used:

State that MatterStandard State
Gas1 atm that pressure
LiquidPure liquid
SolidPure solid
Solution1 molar
ElementsThe many stable allotrope at STP, through
Gf0 = 0

Many chemistry calculations room for products that room in their standard state. One an extremely useful dominance for gases that does no necessarily require standard state conditions is the ideal Gas law (eq 1).



SymbolMeaningTypical Unit
n# of moles of materialmole
RThe ideal Gas Constant0.08206 L.atm.mol-1.K-1

Using the right Gas Law, one have the right to determine the value of any one the the four variables (P, V, n, T) if we know the value of the various other three (R is a constant).

For example, 1,000 grams (1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds) that ethylene (which has a molar fixed of 28 grams/mol) will occupy a volume that 800 liters in ~ STP :


If we wished to calculate this volume in ~ another, non-standard state temperature, such together 100 °C, we would simply substitute 373 K because that the temperature (100 °C = 373 K) in the over calculation. The right Gas law is a very handy equation because that estimating gas nature at both standard and also non-standard conditions.

SDS Relevance


Safety Emporium has all type of lab devices such together stirring hot plates.

The letter "STP" take place most commonly on a safety Data paper after a physical residential property such as the density , flammable limit, or vapor press of the material. These properties are found in section 9 (physical and chemical properties) of the SDS.

Remember: STP is 0 °C, NOT room temperature. Usually the properties at STP versus room temperature vary by much less than 10% because that gases and even much less for liquids or solids. For example, in the calculation in the vault section, the volume would certainly be 858 liters in ~ 20 °C, a difference of 7%. And the thickness of water is 0.99987 g/ml in ~ 0 °C versus 0.99823 g/ml in ~ 20 °C, a distinction of 0.16%.

However, periodically the differences can be excessive - dimethylamine is a volatile liquid v a details gravity the 0.680 at STP, but it is a gas above its boiling allude of 7 °C!

Further Reading

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