TL;DRWhile fallout’s stars room nothing more than meteors the have gotten in earth’s atmosphere on your travels, spiritually, the an interpretation of fall stars has fascinated us for centuries. Seen by some as evidence of activities of the gods, or celestial messages around royalty, ancient people attached much sacred significance to them. While us may recognize these space chunks of absent flying through our sky, people today still think falling stars room special. We feel happy to obtain to watch them, and also gratefully get the message being sent out from beyond.

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What are Falling Stars?


Comets, asteroids, and also meteoroids space all differing sizes of outer room rocks, the largest being one asteroid, which is actually a tiny planet, think it or not! Meteoroids selection in size from tiny specks to larger chunks as much as a meter wide with the smallest piece of them gift called space dust. Comets space different, as they have a main body that is made up of icy matter, and they have a “tail” , or, corpuscle of dust and also gas that type when the sun heats the particles. Meteoroids mostly form from broken off bits of asteroids and comets. Once these meteoroids go into our atmosphere, we deserve to see a speed of light, and also this it appears a star is ”falling” or “shooting” through the sky. Thus, we contact them falling stars and shooting stars.

While this info may it seems to be ~ to take it the magic and an enig out of shoot stars, it really shouldn’t. Magical and spiritual human being have always understood that things seen in nature have much greater definition sometimes than simply the fact they exist together they are. They room seen as ways the gods, ancestors, spirits, and also other powers connect things castle want united state to know. Sometimes they room sending great news, and also others, providing us a heads up to watch out for ourselves. Some contact our id in this silly , and also say believing this means is bad, however many understand being this way, also known together being superstitious, helps those that listen understand what message they are being sent. Much more has been written by around Superstitions in general, and you have the right to read around that here:

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What Does see a fall Star Mean?


Falling stars interpretations vary depending on culture. Review on to see how different world have regarded them.

The Romans

Shooting stars portended vital events come the Romans. Because that example, in august of 30 B.C., Cassius Dio, a historian of Rome wrote around “ comet stars”, i beg your pardon are construed to typical shooting stars, and he took them to be a solution to the demise and death of the prolific Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra. A comet following the death of Julius Caesar was taken to give sign he to be to be worshiped as a god.

The Greeks

The Greeks named annual meteor showers The Perseids after young of the Greek hero Perseus. Every August, the earth orbit passes v particles the dust and rocks indigenous the comet dubbed Swift- Tuttle. The Greeks thought this event was prompted by the constellation named after Perseus, and thus named it such. Perseus was a good hero of theirs, who beat a horrifying monster who intimidated his people’s an extremely safety and saved the beautiful Andromeda in the process. No average mortal, he was the son of the father of the Gods, Zeus. He founded Mycenae and also his own royal dynasty!

This legend hero is thought by the human being of greek to have actually been a actual king, not just a folk story character. The Perseids, which be affected by each other his, name room visible from mid-July v late August, peaking august 9-14. So, save your eyes peeled because that them!

Early Christians

In the third century A.D. , a fine loved Deacon , called Lawrence was the seventh deacon to be enforcement by the Emperor Valerian. That was later on canonized , and became the patron saint of comedians, cooks, tanners, librarians, and archivists. The Perseid meteor shower was visible as soon as he was put to death and was for this reason named “The Tears that St. Lawrence” by devotees. Lock remember his life together a teacher, and his wonderful feeling of feeling on his feast job which falls on august 10, which is regarded as the day of his death- right during the Perseid showers!

Ancient Jews

Halley’s Comet was passing by as soon as the beginning of the Jewish Roman rebellion began. These events led to the 2,000 year long Jewish diaspora, which observed the Jewish people start to relocate out the their genealogical homelands. They spread to every continent, acquisition their rich culture, mouthwatering foods, and also sacred religious beliefs with them. The Romans believed the comet come portend they would certainly be victorious over the Jewish people. If the Romans ruined the Temple, and the Jews take into consideration themselves to be in an exile they speak to Edom. They think this is your fourth, and FINAL exile, and when castle return home, they will certainly never ever before be exiled again. So, who’s to say the Romans won?

Individual Superstitions around Falling Stars

Beyond culture, there are certain particular beliefs around what a fallout’s star especially means, some of which you may have already heard of, and also some of which will surprise you.

Make A Wish

“When you great upon a star, provides no distinction who girlfriend are. Anything her heart desires will concerned you,” starts a renowned song supplied by Disney. More than simply a children’s track for a cartoon, this is a id that is very old. Ptolemy wrote around it in the second century A.D. Belief was that the gods would certainly look through gaps in the sky to check out Earth. Well, sometimes, a star would loss through these gaps so, it was a good opportunity to obtain their fist to asking the gods to meet a wish. There to be a far better chance of them answering stated wish because they were already watching.

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In Chile, the minute you watch a shooting star, pick up a rock and make a wish! In the Philippines, no stones space needed, you just need to tie knots in a handkerchief. The belief that it’s the perfect time to make a wish once you watch a shoot star is organized in numerous parts that the world. Every those human being can’t it is in wrong, so once you view a shooting star, make that wish!

Spirits Are among Us

Some would certainly say falling stars are the spirits of departed loved ones letting you know they room still close to you, and they space letting you know you still have a connection with them. Others would say a shooting star is a spirit going to heaven. In the testament of Solomon, one esoteric publication said come be created by the Hebrew King Solomon, shoot stars are thought to be a demons who dropped from above while the town hall earth. In it, a i states:

“I therefore, having heard this, glorified the lord God, and also again I doubted the demon, saying: “Tell me how ye have the right to ascend right into heaven, gift demons, and also amidst the stars and also holy angels intermingle.” and he answered: “Just together things room fulfilled in heaven, so also on earth (are fulfilled) the types1 of all of them. Because that there room principalities, authorities, world-rulers2, and we demons fly about in the air; and we hear the voices of the heavenly beings, and also survey all the powers. And as having actually no ground (basis) ~ above which to alight and rest, we shed strength and also fall off prefer leaves native trees. And also men seeing united state imagine the the stars are falling from heaven. But it is no really so, O king; yet we fall because of our weakness, and also because we have actually nowhere anything come lay host of; and also so we autumn down like lightnings3 in the depth that night and suddenly. And also we collection cities in flames and fire the fields. Because that the stars have firm foundations in the heavens like the sun and the moon.”

A complete copy virtual of The testimony of Solomon deserve to be discovered at this link:

The testimony of Solomon (

A good Omen

Some old Celtic tribal human being thought shoot stars to it is in the breath the a dragon, and also that to be a very good thing. Some case seeing a shooting star is telling you that you will accomplish your destiny! So take it heart the your greatest potential is prepared to it is in yours prior to you understand it! Some just say seeing a shooting star is an excellent luck in general, and also there is no other definition behind it. We might all usage some good luck!

Bad Things

Some native North American Indian people thought shooting stars to it is in fire falling indigenous the heavens or signs that poor things were to come. One Ojibway story says a comet has actually been to earth currently and will someday return to totally destroy it. Some people say a comet once ruined everything conserve some tribes. At the time all some world could execute was dive right into bodies that water, trying to submerge themselves to store from gift destroyed. Part tribal people believed shooting stars to it is in an omen the sickness or fatality was coming to the household soon. Not good at all.

Endings and Beginnings

Some say a shoot star signal something is ending, prefer the deaths that St. Lawrence and also Cleopatra were said to it is in what the shooting stars to be responding to. Others state shoot stars signify significant change and brand-new beginnings are coming your way. So it is in ready! the has also been claimed that a shooting star acts together a green light, informing you the powers the be are saying to go ahead with every little thing it is you have actually wanted to. Nothing have the right to hold you back now, it’s time to begin!

Most world see shoot stars as an excellent messages native beyond, and enjoy the beauty of their trips v the sky. Make her wish ~ above a shooting star, just make certain to make that wish WHILE that falling. Pick up a rock if you can, and if you have one, tie a node in your handkerchief. May all your wishes come true!

About the Author: Saoirse has actually studied magic and lore for many of her life, but started walking her own Magical course after gift spiritually reborn in the desert. Now she share her presents as a Psychic and Content Writer because that and also she writes for Pagan Pages emag.