I to speak this since of it Se one of the many used, yet most challenging words come use.

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On this occasion, i will shot to clarify the supplies of the Se through an easy an interpretation and with instances so the you recognize all the offers that that has.

Many the the Spanish speakers carry out not know these rules, however you should know them if friend are finding out Spanish.

Do you want to know everything about “Se”?

But first..

What is “Se” in Spanish?

SE is a personal pronoun, that is, that is provided to speak to people, things or pets without naming them.

Se cayó. (He/She fell)

In Spanish they have actually no gender, therefore you deserve to use the for males or women. It likewise has no “number”, the is, you have the right to use it because that the plural (Ella, Él, Esos, Esas).

There are numerous rules to use this pronoun, yet I decided to summarize the many important and the many used by any type of Latin American.

1. Reflexive Se in Spanish


It is an extremely common to find it in sales announcements.


Se vende casa (For revenue House)Se vende comida ( because that Sale Food)Se alquila apartamento (Apartment for rent)

6. Pronominal verbs (Se)

There are details verbs in Spanish, in what you have to use Se.

Verbos Pronominales: arrepentirse, abrazar, besar, casarse, comer, irse, etc.


Ellos se abrazan (they hug)Mi padre se arrepiente (my father regrets)Mi hermana no se queja nunca (My sister never ever complains)

7. Intensifier Se

It is also a little bit confusing, however it is supplied to provide a stronger feeling to one action.


¡Se bebió dos cafés! (He drank two coffees!)¡Se fue a la playa! (She visited the beach!)¡Se comió dos tacos! (He ate two tacos!)

In this case, it deserve to be provided for her and also for him.

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Last Tip:

As I said at the beginning, it is a facility word, but listen to a most Spanish. The will give you the crucial knowledge to understand the various uses that Se in Spanish

To confused with the word I know, this word v an accent means to know, yet it is used only for the first person (yo)

Yo que no regresará (I understand he won’t come back)


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