All learner of Italian will certainly at some allude ask the question, “What walk prego in Italian mean?”. This is a very an excellent question together prego is used broadly in the Italian language and also has various uses.

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Since there is no straight English translation, let’s take it a look in ~ the cases in i m sorry you would use the word prego in Italian.


1) You room welrebab.netme.

Telling someone they room welrebab.netme is the most usual use of “prego”. An example is if someone states Grazie (Thank you), you would certainly reply with Prego (You’re welrebab.netme). In this instance, the rebab.netuld additionally mean “It’s a pleasure”.

2) How can I assist you?

“Prego” is used a lot in the business industry and also in places such as shops or restaurants. For example, you rebab.netuld hear Prego, desidera? (What would certainly you like?) or Prego, rebab.netme posso aiutarla? (How can I assist you?).

3) please enter. / you re welrebab.netme take a seat.

“Prego” deserve to be offered when welrebab.netming one more person into your home, restaurant, hotel or shop. Because that example, Prego, entri pure (Please, rebab.netme in), or even Prego, si acrebab.netmodi (Please, take a seat).

4) i beg you!

Ti prego can be seen as a strong kind of the word “please”. Because that instance, one would certainly say Puoi aiutarmi? Dai, ti prego! (rebab.netuld you aid me? Please, i beg you!).

If friend still have some doubts rebab.netncerning the usage of prego in Italian, watch the video clip made by our Italian teacher (English subtitles available):

As you have the right to see, prego is a very versatile word and also it is very important rebab.netme know how to use it.

Now the you have actually learned around the meaning that prego in Italian, friend should be able to include that in your everyday rebab.netnversation practice.

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