The "pp" refers to a web page range, e.g. "pp. 3-6" way page 3 through web page six.

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I"m not entirely sure what citation format you"re using, but this convention is provided in the MLA citation style, as well as some various other citation layouts that ns can"t remember turn off the optimal of mine head.

rebab.netSE user Aethelbald has suggested that:

pp means the Latin pari passu meaning side-by-side or at-the-same-rate or on-an-equal-footing... Here it means equally and also throughout pages 3 thru 6.

Other contributors, however, disagree. Kevin notes that:

Wiktionary likewise lists "p." as an interpretation "page," singular, and specifically describes "pp." as the plural of "p." This is obviously no a abundant pluralization method

and hobbs to add that:

there are a few cases, in Latin-derived abbreviations, wherein a many is made by doubling the critical letter. "MS." => "MSS." (manuscript/s), "op." => "opp." (opus/opera). This is just one of those, due to the fact that "page" has actually its origin in "pagina".

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pp stands for the Latin pari passu definition side-by-side or at-the-same-rate or on-an-equal-footing. In this case, Citations has currently given the correct answer and I"m just filling in.

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