I to be training in ~ a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu academy, and their use of words "Oss" is ubiquitous.

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I have actually asked and also answered the inquiry What is the etymology and an interpretation of Oss? in the Martial arts rebab.net forum. However, I wanted to view if I can further clarify mine answer by understanding the rebab.net to a higher degree. I would certainly be thankful for any kind of further references.

What is the etymology and definition of "oss"?


I"ve researched a little online and stumbled upon a few interpretations of the beginnings of oss yet most of them it seems to be ~ to handle it the dorn way. There are actually two different words the seem to it is in mingled right into one but that many rebab.net seem come differentiate.

The oss mainly used in martial arts is actually said differently from the other word "ss. "ss starts through a mute exhaling sound rather of one open-mouthed "o" use in the oss adhered to by the same dragging "ss".

osu → oss

Oss, as explained in other write-ups comes from 押忍, as used in sporting activities in general (baseball student or any other team the trains seriously tend to usage it right here in Shikoku island) starts with an open up mouth sound and finishes through a dragging "ss".

...masu → mss → "ss

The other similar word "ss comes from an abbreviation of other words. Those words can be to reduce differently relying on the situation and also urgency or roughness. Roughness usually equals determination for men/boys who shorten osu or the various other words and is always said with conviction. I"ve never ever heard a half-assed "ss or oss... However ;)

Onegaishimasu → Onuhashmass → uhmass → mss → "ssArigato gozaimasu → agmassu → agmss → mss → "ssGanbarimasu → ganbamassu → gamss → mss → "ssYoroshiku onegaishimasu → yoroshknegaishmass → yoshmass → fixed → "ss

P.S.: ns was surprised that no posts mentioned words ganbarimasu that is widely provided all about Japan and shortened the same way.

Compared to the osu, two of those indigenous are regularly used in the previous tense and also that"s wherein they become easy to differentiate since there is no past tense because that oss.

arigato gozaimashita, ganbarimashita → ... ... → "shta**Quite a couple of other words space shortened to "shta since it"s the typical past it s too dirty conjugation.


Students and also teachers using oss day-to-day sometimes change the common "ss/"shta through an oss in many situations but not in all of them. Civilization not utilizing oss would generally "ss or "shta unless they desire to show ultimate determination by take out loan the oss native competitive sports. The is climate a small out that place, since people around would know that the human being isn"t associated in an task usually using oss, and also would have actually a stronger impact.

I guess it"s a risky point to usage oss because that someone no able come "read the mood" and also the oss can be perceived as a joke instead of determination if not claimed with sufficient seriousness.

I think the rebab.net can put up v a the majority of misuses of the language as lengthy as it"s not overused or continuous. Ns don"t think the the general public would take any kind of offense in making use of oss but since it"s usually significant business, the finest thing is come look in ~ the rebab.net civilization present while speak it and see if castle look irritated. When would be fine anywhere... But rebab.net expect world to realize it once they are annoying; reading body language/facial expression is a necessity in Japan.

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I expect my input helps to clarify the origins of oss and also its close neighbour "ss. I am sure that if you start to listen carefully you"ll "see" the difference quite fast.