a hypothetical force formerly hosted to pervade all nature and also to manifest itself in magnetism, mesmerism, chemistry action, etc.

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First tape-recorded in 1840–50; arbitrary surname coined by karl von Reichenbach (1788–1869), German scientist
oculopupillary, oculovertebral dysplasia, oculozygomatic, oculus, ocy-, od, oda, odah, odalisque, Oda Nobunaga, O'Day
a human who has actually taken an overdose that a drug, especially one who has end up being seriously ill or has died from together an overdose.

OD is short for overdose, or taking so lot of a medicine that it damages or death you.

How is OD pronounced?

< oh-dee >

What are other creates of OD?


Overdose combines over, together in “excessive,” and also dose, a amount of a medicine or drug. The word dates earlier to the early on 1700s.

The to reduce form, OD, is dated to the late 1950s. Prefer overdose, OD have the right to be a noun and also verb. The term may have been popularized by 1960s culture, including whatever from hippies come the TV show Dragnet.

Drug ODs are usually talked of in referral to hard, illegal drugs prefer heroin and also cocaine or prescription painkillers such together OxyContin. They reason the human body to shut down, regularly fatally, though antidotes such together naloxone can help in the instance of opiates. Note, though, the one can also OD on everyday medications to various degrees of next effects.

Fast forward to the 1990–2000s, whose culture further spread out the term. This contains its usage in popular society like the TV clinical drama ER and the reality display Cops also as, much more seriously, the U.S. Opioid epidemic, involving much too countless real-life ODs.

A variety of celebrities have passed away of ODs in recent decades, from flow Phoenix in 1993 come Heath Ledger in 2008 come Prince in 2016. These, tragically, have actually raised the profile of OD in the renowned lexicon.

OD can be provided as a noun (He died of an OD) or a verb (He OD’d top top heroin).

It is offered by wellness professionals, regulation enforcement, and public employees in various situations handling yes, really overdoses or policy roughly addiction.

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Friday night TL cops were first on step flagged under on one OD w/3 victims down at GG/Jones. Their initiative saved every 3 stays w/Narcan & resurgence techniques. In various other incidents, cops damaged out auto windows to obtain to unconscious OD vict & saved one more in BART. 3 days, 6 more OD saves. Pic.twitter.com/9EXJLI1bYJ

— SFPD Tenderloin (
SFPDTenderloin) February 23, 2020

It is also used in daily speech and also writing by the average human being discussing or managing drug use and also abuse.

Less seriously, OD has come to be a an allegory for too lot of anything. This may have inspired the slang ode, an interpretation “very” or “intensely.”