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I always assumed the stood for double Screen. Wikipedia says it can either stand for twin Screen or Developers\" System.

From RedHairVegeta\"s link:What walk \"DS\" was standing for?To our developers, it stands for \"Developers\" System,\" because we think it gives game creators brand new tools which will lead to much more innovative gamings for the world\"s players.It can likewise stand for \"Dual Screen.\"

I have a feeling of Deja-vu right here as this is the kind of topic us ran method back as soon as the DS to be released! I\"ve constantly gone with double Screen, however to hear an additional explanation is fine. All \"worlds\" have their acronyms and also abbreviations and ours is no different. The ideal ones room mash-ups and also I choose the one for fear 3 - F threar! That\"s funky enough for me.
Could be any type of of this (according to a the majority of people):Dual ScreenDual SystemDouble ScreenDeveloper\"s SystemDouble StandardDestroy SonyDumb SystemDon\"t StopDominating System
VeryDarkSoul posted...

See more: Dobes: What Does Dobe Mean In Japanese, What Do Dobe And Teme Mean

Dual display Developer\"s system that Destroys Sony\"s3DSit all provides sense now!*applauds*
^^^^and over there you have actually it folks.the true an interpretation of what DS stands must submit the to the wiki or nintendo to view what happens
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