The American soccer Conference (AFC) and also National football Conference (NFC) consist of the American nationwide Football organization (NFL). Each conference has 16 teams in the unified States, 4 in each division (North, South, East, West). The height six groups from both conferences (division leaders and two wild map teams) play each other, and also the critical undefeated team in every conference plays in the at sight Bowl.

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AFC teams have actually 20 Super key wins if NFC teams have 24 since the formation of the NFL in 1970.

American football Conference versus nationwide Football Conference comparison chart
American football ConferenceNational football ConferenceIntroduction Formerly League Super key championships Most valuable Team Most recent champion(s) Most titles Established No. Of teams Money North division Teams East division Teams West department Teams South division Teams

The American football Conference is just one of the 2 conferences the the national Football league (NFL). This conference and its counterpart, the national Football Conference (NFC), at this time contain 16 groups each, making up the 32 teams of the NFL. The national Football Conference is one of the 2 conferences the the nationwide Football organization (NFL). This conference and its counterpart, the American football Conference (AFC), currently contain 16 groups each, making up the 32 teams of the NFL.
American Football organization (AFL) National football League, pre 1970 AFL-NFL merger
National soccer League National football League
21 24
New England Patriots ($1.8 billion) Dallas Cowboys ($2.3 billion) - additionally the most an useful team in the NFL
Kansas City Chiefs (2nd Title) Philadelphia Eagles (3rd title)
New England Patriots (10 titles) Dallas Cowboys (8 titles)
1970, during AFL/NFL merger 1970, throughout AFL/NFL merger
16 16
Salary lid ($133 million). Salary cap ($133 million).
Baltimore Ravens; Cincinnati Bengals; Cleveland Browns; Pittsburgh Steelers Chicago Bears; Detroit Lions; environment-friendly Bay Packers; Minnesota Vikings
Buffalo Bills; Miami Dolphins; new England Patriots; brand-new York Jets Dallas Cowboys; brand-new York Giants; Philadelphia Eagles; Washington Redskins
Denver Broncos;Kansas City Chiefs; Oakland Raiders; mountain Diego Chargers Arizona Cardinals;Los Angeles Rams; mountain Francisco 49ers; Seattle Seahawks
Houston Texans; Indianapolis Colts; Jacksonville Jaguars; Tennessee Titans Atlanta Falcons; Carolina Panthers; new Orleans Saints; Tampa just Buccaneers

Brief background of the NFL, AFC, and NFC

The AFC and also NFC to be both developed in 1970, during the closing of two football leagues, the American football League and the national Football League. The NFL has existed since 1920, but the AFL was only established in 1959 by a group of expansion team owners who had actually been refused entrance right into the NFL. The 2 leagues to be direct rivals for a decade till the merger, which developed a unified national Football League split into the two conferences. After the merger, the AFC to be the dominant conference in terms of Super bowl wins throughout the 1970s, and also the NFC won a long stretch the consecutive at sight Bowls v the 1980s and mid 1990s (13 wins in a row). For the critical decade, the 2 conferences have been much more evenly matched. There have been sometimes shifts and also rebalancing the the divisions and also conferences over the year to accommodate new teams.

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League Structure

Each conference of the NFL is split into 4 divisions (North, South, East, and also West). Each department has 4 teams, definition each conference has 16 teams, and also the entire league has 32 teams.



Season Structure

Each season, a team will certainly play against every various other team in their department twice, when inter-conference games account for 1/4 that the continuous season games. Throughout the playoffs, the peak six groups from both the AFC and also NFC (the 4 division leaders and two wild card groups from every conference) play every other, and also the last undefeated team in each conference dram in the at sight Bowl.


The NFL works under a salary cap system, an interpretation that in theory, every team is permitted the very same amount of money to invest on your players. Although there are methods to circumvent this in a given year through signing players through prorated bonuses, the salary cap is effective in keeping any type of one team or conference from having actually a disproportionate lot of capital to job-related with in the long term. However, the industry value of groups is unrestricted. The average team worth in the NFL is $1.17 billion, making the NFL the most an important sports league in the world. The Dallas Cowboys (NFC) space currently noted as the league’s most an useful team in ~ $2.3 billion. The NFC has 3 the the 4 most an important teams, as of 2014.


The AFC and also NFC execute not officially represent opposing geographical areas, and also each league has the same regional divisions of East, West, North, and South. However a map that team distribution shows a concentration of AFC teams in the northeast the the nation stretching native Massachusetts to Indiana, and also NFC groups grouped about the great Lakes region and in the South.



States with red have AFC teams. States with blue have NFC teams. Some states have multiple teams, through one AFC, the various other NFC. Note: The new York Giants (NFC) and brand-new York jet (AFC) both actually play in new Jersey; the map shows this.

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