Basic mathematics glossary-M define words beginning with the letter Mm: an abbreviation because that meter.

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m2: square meter. m3: cubic meter.Map distance:The distance or length in between two points when measured on a map.Mass: The quantity of matter in an object.Mean: also known together average, that is calculated by including all number in a collection divided by the total number of numbers in the set.Median: The center number once a collection is placed in order from the very least to biggest or from best to least. When there room two numbers in the middle, the is found by taking the mean of the two numberMeter: A measure of size that is same to the elevation of a doorknob.Metric system: A measurement system based upon powers of 10mg: an abbreviation for milligram.Midpoint: A suggest on a segment the divides the segment right into two same parts.Milligram: A measure up of mass the is same to 1/10 of a grain of rice.Minimum:Smallest.Milliliter: A measure of capacity that is same to the of one eye dropperMillimeter: A measure of size that is same to the broad of a serial of rice approximately.Minus: SubtractMixed number: A number the is composed as a portion and a entirety number.Mode: In set of data, it is the item(s) that appear(s) much more oftenmL: an abbreviation for an abbreviation for millimetermm2: square millimetermm3: cubic millimeter.Multiple bar graph: A graph with much more than one form of barMultiple:The product that a number by a entirety number.Multiplication:The process of adding a number through itself plenty of times.Multiplicative inverse:The multiplicative inverse of a number is the reciprocal of the number.

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