magnitudeof rotationIn a rotation, the amount that the preimage is turned around the facility ofrotation, measure up in levels from -180 (clockwise) to 180 (counterclockwise),+/- m
Rotations,which room sometimes referred to as turns, can likewise have magnitudes outsidethe variety of -180 come 180 degrees, such together 720 levels or-500 degrees. The thing you want to mental is that you are goingaround in a circle, and also every circle has only 360 degrees. So a rotationof -500 levels is really just one complete, clockwise, revolutionof -360 and -140 levels more.

magnitudeof dimension transformationIn a size change, the factor by which the size of the preimage is changed,A'B'/AB , wherein A' and B' room the pictures of A and also B under the transformation.Also called a size change factor or scale aspect of size transformation.

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The magnitudeof this size revolution is two, due to the fact that AB=5 units and also A'B'=10.The lengths on the photo A'B'C' are all two times bigger than top top thepreimage ABC.

magnitudeof translationThe distance in between any suggest and the image.

major arcAB of circle O Thepoints of one O that room on or in the exterior of angle AOB.

NOTE:Three letters are provided to identify significant arcs.

mappingAn operation on a geometric figure by which each point gives rise to aunique image. A correspondence in between two set of point out such the eachpoint in the preimage set has a distinct image, and each suggest in the imageset has exactly one preimage. Likewise called a transformation.

matrixA rectangular variety of rows and columns.


meanA number thatdescribes a collection of other numbers. You get a mean, or average, asit is typically called, by acquisition the amount of the numbers being examinedand then separating that sum by how countless numbers were added.

For example: to findthe mean, or average, that 10, 9, 8, and 5 this is what you would certainly do:


means In the proportiona/b = c/d, the numbers b and c.


Proportions offered to alwaysbe written v colons ~ above a straight line together you see at the topof our example. Words "means" meant "middle",thus the two numbers in the center were called the means. That madeperfect feeling to those historic folks, yet people now oftenwonder why b and also c are dubbed the method because todaywe generally write proportions as equal fractions through a horizontalfraction bar.

*NOTE:a and d are dubbed the extremes. This is due to the fact that "extremes"meant "outside" and also the a and also d are on theouter political parties of the horizontally composed proportion.

means-extremespropertyIn any proportion, the product of the method equals the product of theextremes. Some civilization learn this together "cross commodities are equalin any type of proportion."


measureThe measurement or quantity of something, usually in a system of units.

medial triangleThe union of segments that join the midpoints of the political parties of a triangle.


median ofa triangle Thesegment connecting a vertex of the triangle to the midpoint of the oppositeside.


Herewe see every one of the medians the triangle CEN. The spot whereby they intersect,pt R, is dubbed the facility of gravity, and also is a perfect balance pointfor the triangle. You can prove this through cutting the end the triangle andbalancing it on the reminder of a pin straight at allude R.

menuA perform of alternatives from i m sorry a user the a computer system can choose an operationfor the computer to perform.

Mercatorprojection Atwo- dimensional map the the Earth's surface called for Gerhardus Mercator,the Flemish cartographer who first created it in 1569.

meterThe simple unit of length in the metric system. 1 meter 1.09yards 39.4 inches.

metricsystem of measure Asystem that measurement based upon the decimal system. Also called the internationalsystem the measurement.

midpointof a segment Thepoint top top the segment equidistant from the segment's endpoints.


mile( mi ) Aunit of length in the US mechanism of measurement same to 5,280 feet. 1mile 1.609 km.

milliA prefix meaning 1/1000.

millionA word surname for 1,000,000.

millionthA word name for 0.000001 or 10-6.

minor arcAB of circle OThe clues of one O that are on or in the interior of angleAOB.

minuendThe number a in a - b.

mirrorA heat overwhich a number is reflected. Additionally called showing line.

mixednumeral Asymbol consisting of a totality number v a portion next come it, when writtenlike this it means the numbers space being added.


mixednumber Anumber created as a blended numeral.

modeThe number which appears most regularly in a data set. The setting of the followingdata set is 6 : 15, 6, 2, 6, 42, 6.

It is feasible to have morethan one setting as in the set 1, 1, 3, 12, 4, 4. That is feasible to haveno mode if no worths appear more than once as in the collection 1, 2, 3, 4.

Multiplicationof Fractions home for all number a, b, c, and f through b and fnot equal to 0:

Just multiply the numeratorsand climate multiply the denominators.

MultiplicationProperty that EquationFor all actual nos. X, y and a, If x = y, climate ax = ay.

MultiplicationProperty of -1 Forany genuine number x: -1 times x = -x.

MultiplicationProperty of ZeroFor any type of real number x: x times 0 = 0.

MultiplicativeIdentity residential property of One For any kind of numbern:n time 1 = n. *We like to say the multiplying a number by one reasons it come retainits identity.

multiplicativeinverse Thenumber by which a given number have the right to be multiplied leading to a productequal come 1. Also called reciprocal.

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Mult-RecProperty of division Forany number a, and also b, with b not equal come 0:a/b = a time 1/b. In words, to division by a number is the sameas multiply by its reciprocal.

Ex: To division by 2gives the very same answer as multiplying through 1/2. 24 split by 2 = 12 and24 time 1/2 = 12.

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