Akatsuki rings Meaning

They space beautiful, they room symbolic, but over all, they space mysterious! Welcome young Shinobis, this particular day in this post we will unveilto you the secrets about what do the Akatsuki ring mean!

Akatsuki Rings are jewelsworn through Missing-nins to display their allegiance to the organization Akatsuki. Every ring has actually a different meaning and own a symbol native theChinese mythology.

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Because of all the secret behind them, fans as such still haveseveral questions about the an enig behind theAkatsuki ring Meaninglike:

What carry out the Akatsuki rings execute ?What do the Akatsuki ringssay ?What does each Akatsuki ring typical ?Which Akatsuki ring belonging to that ?Why are the Akatsuki rings so important ?

If among these questions tortures her mind, don’t worry! here we will summarize whatever there is come know about theseAkatsuki ring fingers so that they won’t hold any an ext secrets because that you!Sounds good?Then let’s discover out together what execute all the Akatsuki rings mean!

WHAT space THE AKATSUKI ring ?


Akatsuki ringsare very importantjewels that areused to present theallegiance oftheir owners to the organization Akatsuki.Each Akatsuki member when recruited receives a distinctive ring that is decorated v a kanji (symbol) and adistinctcolor.

Receiving an Akatsuki ring is a verysensitivegift becauseonce placed on, the Akatsuki Ring cannot be removed. Orochimaru, that wasonce part of this organization had to cut off his arm in bespeak to no be bound to it anymore.

We also suppose the they are necessary for the exploit of the Bijuus, that they possess details powers but additionally that your bearing is necessary to the cohesion that the group.


In total, there room 10 various Akatsuki members rings, every onewith its very own symbol, it’s very own color and it’s very own position come wear ~ above the hand.



All Akatsuki ring symbolsare Japanese Kanjis. Because that 8 members, these kanjis are related to the divinities the Chinese mythology: Seiryu, Byakko, Suzaku, Genbu, Kuchin, Nanju, Hokuto, Santai, and also Gyokuno.

Each one of these divinities is stood for in a different way and deserve to be concerned the different members that the Akatsuki other than the chief; indeed, his kanji is unrelated to this Chinese gods as it is translated as “REI”. This term is ambivalent: top top oneside it deserve to mean “spirit” and also on the various other side, that is also defined through the number zero.

Here is a list of every theAkatsuki rings and also their ownerswhere we define what does each Akatsuki ring meanand whereby we offer yousome instructions for the placement and also positions where you have to wear them:



Itachi’s ring is red v the Japanese kanji朱(lit. “Shu”)which method “Vermillon” in English. This Itachi Akatsuki Ringmust be worn top top theright ring finger.

Itachi joined the Akatsuki and also received his ring native the hand of Tobi after he helped him death all members of his clan. Itachi’s firstpartner wasJūzō Biwa, jōnin from Kirigakure and also a member that the 7 Ninja Swordsmen that the Mist.

AfterJūzō’s death, Itachi began traveling with an additional Hidden Mist Missing-nin, Kisame Hoshigaki, v whohe’ll make friends really quickly.



Pain’s Akatsuki ring is blue or yellow with the Japanese kanji 零 (lit. “Rei”) which way “Zero” in English. Also, pain wearshis ring top top the best thumb.

Pain (Pein)was the leader of theAkatsuki clan andwas in reality Yahiko’s dead body managed at street by Nagato.Pein is additionally one that the six pains that Nagato controls with his Rinnegan.



Sasori’s ring is purplewith theJapanese kanji 玉 (lit. “Gyoku”)which method “jewel” and “ball” in English. The right ar to undertake the Sasori Akatsuki ring is on the left thumb.

Sasori of the red sandwas a Missing-nin indigenous Sunagakure and has to be recruited by Konan ~ he just did destroy another land alone by himself.Sasoriwas among th most talentedpuppet mastersbutdied fighting Sakura and his grandmother Chiyo.



Deidara’s Ring is blue through the Japanese Kanji 青 (lit. “ao” and “shō”)which means“Blue” and also “Green” in English and must it is in worn top top the ideal index finger.

Deidara to be a Missing-nin fromIwagakure (Village hidden in the stone) and has been recruited by Itachi and Kisame ~ he practically blew himself because of Itachi’s Genjutsu.

Deidarawas alsoo a user the the Bakuton, the arts of producing explosions, anddied fighting Sasuke Uchiha while teaming up v Tobi in ~ the time.



Kisame’s ring is yellow through the Japanese kanji 南(lit. “Nan”)whichmeans “south” in English. You need to weartheKisame Akatsuki ring on the left ring finger.

Kisamewasrecruited by pains (Pein) to form a team v Itachi Uchiha after ~ Jūzō Biwa died while trying to capturethe Yondaime Mizukage. Kisamewas among theseven covert Mist swordsmen and also possesses among the best swords of the Naruto series, Samehada.



Konan’s ring is white wherein is inscribedtheJapanese kanji 白(lit. “Byaku”)which method “white” in English.KonanAkatsuki ringis originallyworn on theright middlefinger.

Konanwasa powerful Kunoichi and one that the previous leaders of the Akatsuki Clan through Yahiko and Nagato. Castle met throughout the war and created together the Akatsuki to lug peace to the world.



Kakuzu’s ring isblue with the Japanese kanji 北 (lit. “Hoku”)which way “north” in English.Kakuzu Akatsuki ringused tobe worn through his owner on the left center finger.

Kakuzu was an immortal shinobi and a mercenary thathad a deep tastefor money. He was recruited by pain (Pein) himself through the aid of Zetsu and also died if fighting Kakashi andother concealed Leaf Ninjas.



Hidan’s ring is greenwith the Japanese kanji 三 (lit. “San”)which means“three” in English. To wear a Hidan Akatsuki ring properly, she must be on the leftindex finger.

Hidan was, favor Kakuzu, one immortal Ninja that belonged come the Jashin cult. Hidan to be recruited through Kakuzu v the assist of Itachi and Konan andended buried aliveafterlosing a fight againstShikamaru.



Orochimaru’s ring isred v the Japanese kanji 空 (lit. “Kū”) which means“sky” and “void” in English. The powerful Sanin used to undertake his Orochimaru Akatsuki ring top top the left tiny finger.

Orochimaru made decision from self to join the Akatsuki and also fought because that his recruitment against Sasori and also Pain (Pein). His only goal to be to usage the Akatsuki to continue his studies to learn alwaysmore powerfulJutsus.



Zetsu’s ring deserve to be yellow or red and also has the Japanese kanji 亥 (lit. “Gai”)which means“boar” in English. Zetsu supplied to wear his ring onhis right small finger.

Zetsuwas a mysterious ninja and the ideal hand of Obito and Madara. His body is created of two entities, black Zetsu and also White Zetsu.

TOBIRING an interpretation (BONUS)


Tobi’s Ringis purplewith theJapanese kanji 玉 (lit. “Gyoku”)which way “jewel” and also “ball” in English. Tobi Akatsuki ring should be worn on the left thumb.

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Tobiwas the concealed true leader the the Akatsuki. He’s, in fact, Obito Uchiha that survived and also followed Madara’s arrangement to catch all the Nine-Tailed Beasts.Tobi join the Akatsuki ~ Sasoriwas killed by Sakura and Chiyo andgot Sasori’s ring ago from his dead corpse.


Here we are, you currently know whatever there is come know about the famous Akatsuki’s rings. We really hope the this post has pleasure you since we surely walk love writing it!

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