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Merovingian monarchs believed it had magical powers. Cut it was Samson's demise. Keri Russell's personality chopped her locks in the TV present Felicity and caused a national uproar.

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Clearly, hair has actually a great impact on ours lives and on our dreams.

In waking life we employ every manner that devices, products, chemicals, and cuts, to make our outer hair format hair complement our inside self-images.

But while our day-to-day hair renders a statement around who we think us are, dream hair is a comment on our true within selves. In general, the symbology of hair in dreams falls right into several significant categories.

7 typical Dreams around Hair

In this article, us will explore the potential definitions of the adhering to dreams:

Dreams about losing one's hairDreams about hair extensionsDreams about hair salonsDreams around washing, combing, or styling one's hairDream haircuts (both great and bad)The condition of one's hair in dreamsDreams around dyeing one's hair

With myriad meanings—both positive and negative—hair-related dreams can it is in tricky to unravel, but this dream guide will help. Proceed scrolling for thorough explorations that the dreams above (as well as a few bonus ones!).


While beauty has nothing to perform with the size of your hair, dreaming of walking bald deserve to signal low self-esteem in one's waking life.

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1. What does It median When Hair falls Out In Dreams?

Hair is much more than straightforward protein follicles. Symbolically, hair to represent the ideas and also thoughts the are cultivation out that the psyche. So what does it way when hair falls out in dreams?

Hair Falling the end in a Dream can Represent

Fear the agingFear the deathAbandoned ideasLost creativityFeelings the helplessnessFeelings of lose of strength or controlLoss of energyPerceived loss of sexual prowessFear that one is coming to be less attractive

Just as one has no manage over walking bald, this case is one in i beg your pardon the dreamer feels the or she has no control. An moral examination of one's waking case is in order, as one should determine if one is important powerless or if one only feels the end of control; over there is a major difference between the two.

Another translate of dream baldness is that it shows insecurity or vulnerability in one's day-to-day life (similar to dreaming about being naked!).

Note: If friend are already bald in her waking life, these definitions do not apply to you.

Is dreaming about your hair falling the end the very same as dreaming about your this falling out?

There are numerous parallels in between dreams about losing your hair and losing your teeth. Both regularly indicate fear of aging and death or concerns about one's figure (though your teeth falling the end in a dream could also indicate—among other things—that your diet is unhealthy, you're having actually financial troubles, or you're worried around saying the not correct thing).

If you find yourself dreaming about either or both of this things, you have to make an initiative to think about yourself in a much more positive light. After ~ all, everyone ages, however we are still beautiful, no matter how old us are.

What if ns dream about pulling my hair out?

This kind of hair-loss dream is typically a manifestation that a stressful instance in one's day-to-day life—a case that provides the dreamer feel choose they space "pulling out" their hair. If friend dream around pulling her hair out, that likely indicates a desire to lighten the mental or emotional load you're suffering in her waking life.

What if ns dream about my eyebrows or eyelashes fall out?

Dreaming about your eyebrows or eyelashes fall out can signify an upcoming betrayal, such together a lover or spouse cheating ~ above you. This is a cue to assess your life and also keep one eye the end for deception.

But don't panic—dreaming about your eyelashes fall out may simply indicate that you have challenge expressing yourself in your day-to-day life. Because that women, it may additionally suggest a loss of feminine very nice or power.

Note: If only a single eyelash drops out, this is a authorize of luck.


Dreams around having long, healthy hair can reflect the dreamer's organized and responsible nature, however beware if girlfriend dream of hair that is so lengthy it it s okay in her way.

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2. What do Dreams around Hair expansions Mean?

Sometimes desires of hair expansions can be nothing more than the wish fulfillment the a waking-life desire. However, lock are generally far more symbolic 보다 a mere desire for lengthy hair.

Just together hair expansions are unnatural, dreams around them can indicate a strong desire to find an unnatural faster way through something painful in waking life. For example, instead of enduring the pain of a breakup, the dreamer may seek the numbness drugs and also alcohol provide.

While avoidance provides temporary relief, it does nothing to permanently solve the problem, nor does it help make long-term alterations the will aid one avoid comparable situations in the future.

What if just I dream about having really lengthy hair?

This can be understood in two ways. If her dream hair is an extremely long however you don't feel encumbered by it, this can indicate the you are an organized and also responsible person and that you deliberate carefully prior to making decisions or taking action.

If her dream hair is so lengthy that it it s okay in her way, however, this can show a propensity to overthink things to the level that you are unable to relocate forward in your life. A dream favor this is considered by some to it is in a call to action.


Did girlfriend Know?

Hair originates within the body and then pushes up and out. In fact, hair walk not flourish through the skin yet is actually a modified part of it.


Apart native the palms of ours hands, the soles of our feet, and our lips, hair grows all over on ours bodies.


Hair grows faster during the day 보다 the night, and an ext slowly in winter than in summer.


3. What Is the Symbolism the Hair Salons in Dreams?

Dreams the going come a salon can indicate real-life change and change. If one awakes with negative emotions or experiences them during a dream that visiting a salon, this can mean the the change or readjust is one the the dreamer is uncomfortable with or does not desire.

Sometimes negative-feeling salon dreams can also mean that one's self-image has actually been damaged, conversely, if one feeling contented over a dream the a salon visit, this most likely means that the changes developing are desirable, pleasant, and longed for.

The change takes place within the dreamer and also may also be reflect in the physical, outer picture that the dreamer presents to the world.

Cutting your hair short in a dream deserve to indicate the lightening that a load or a radical inside transformation.

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4. What perform Dreams around Washing, Combing, or Styling your Hair Mean?

These desires can be construed in plenty of ways; again, it counts on exactly how you feel during the dream and after waking up.

Positive Interpretation

If you awake from a dream about washing, combing, or styling your hair and also you feeling rested or otherwise happy and content, this can denote that:

you room leaving bad thoughts are moving are adopting a new way of space reorganizing your want to become an ext spiritually pure.

Negative Interpretation

If you awake from a dream around washing, combing, or styling her hair and also you feeling anxious, unhappy, or stressed, this can signify that:

you need to come clean about should clear your mind so the you have the right to make critical are concerned about your appearance.

If you wake up up indigenous these type of desires feeling uneasy, it might be a an excellent time come sit down and also think about the stresses and also anxieties you're taking care of in your day-to-day life. Have the right to you inspect a few things off her to-do list, repair fences v a friend, or make an effort to think of yourself in a an ext positive light? In act so, you may well rid you yourself of your an unfavorable hair-related dreams.

5. What execute Dreams about Haircuts Mean?

Since one is generally in control of taking care of your hair, when someone else is in charge, feather at who that human being is and how that human being is exhilaration in the dream deserve to be really important. Is that human an ally? walk the readjust made come the hair develop confidence or cause anxiety?

The vital to discovering whether a dream haircut is positive or negatively fee is to look at the emotions you experience both in the dream and also once you wake up up.

Positive Haircut Dreams

If you wake up from a dream about getting your haircut and you feel rested or otherwise happy and content, this can represent that:

your inner me is suffering a healthy and balanced are shedding that which no longer works in donate of the which space letting walk of other painful.a burden is being taken off her shoulders.

Dreams around cutting lengthy hair short can reflect the lightening of a load or the tranquility that comes v letting go. In fact, cut the head is, in some religions and cultures, an outward sign of the inner shift. But what about dreams inside the emotions are negative?

Negative Haircut Dreams

If you wake up from a dream about getting your hair cut and you feel anxious, unhappy, or stressed, this can represent that:

you room being harbor feelings the remorse or guilt.your personal power is being involuntarily stripped away.

In the Bible, shaving the head was often a form of penalty or to be done come oneself as a sign that one feeling remorse for one's actions. As soon as the head is shaved, the entire world can watch the result. Perhaps this is why head-shaving was—and sometimes still is—a punitive or remorseful measure.

If one feels that their powers room being forcibly taken, the identity of the human cutting your hair in the dream will give clues regarding who they feel is responsible because that cutting their power supply.

6. What Is the an interpretation of healthy vs. Damaged Hair in Dreams?

Though we have hair spanning (almost) our entire bodies, most hair desires involve the hair top top the head; this is likely since the head is the seat of psychological activity, and hair can because of this symbolically represent one's creative thinking or trends of thought.

You should very closely examine the condition of her hair in dreams, together it provides vital clues around their meanings. In general, healthy dream hair shows a happy and also fortuitous waking life, while tangled or damaged dream hair deserve to be a sign of complications in her day-to-day life.

Damaged Dream HairHealthy Dream Hair

Self-Destructive Tendencies

Physical Health

Negative Thoughts

Mental Wellness

Complications in One's Waking Life


Not gift Able come Think Clearly

Confidence and also Power

Loss the Virility


Dreaming the you have damaged or brittle hair have the right to indicate a have to think much more positively or in a brand-new way, and also tangled hair have the right to symbolize entanglement in a confusing or complex waking-life situation. Dreaming of healthy and balanced hair, on the various other hand, commonly symbolizes that one is in a state of enjoyment.

7. What do Dreams around Dyeing Hair Mean?

Dreaming around dyeing your hair deserve to indicate a desire to take on a brand-new identity or outwardly project a "new you." Generally, dreams around dyeing her hair a darker color reflect a desire to be taken more seriously through those about you, vice versa, dreams around dyeing her hair a lighter shade reflect a desire to be much more cheerful.

Color in dreams is always an important factor in interpreting your meaning, and also color in hair desires is no exception.

Black or bleached Hair: Depression have the right to be symbolized by one of two people dyeing the hair come a deep black color or by having one's hair bleached. When dyeing one's hair black in a dream shows dark thoughts and deep sadness, the act of bleaching it represents feelings the one's life is an in similar way colorless and/or stripped that meaning.Red Hair: Red is a complex color, and dyeing her hair scarlet in a dream deserve to symbolize various concepts such as vitality, anger, or even deep alchemical transformations ensuing within the psyche.Other Colors: If friend dream of dyeing her hair any kind of other color, it might simply represent a desire to satisfy your within child's desires. Again, taking keep in mind of the means you feeling during and after the dream is vital to knowledge if your dream should be taken positively or negatively.

Note: Dreaming of bleaching your hair white and also dreaming of having white or gray hair have very different meanings. If the former is usually taken negatively (see above), the last is usually seen as positive and also may show newfound wisdom, a sudden realization or explode of insight, spirituality purity or balance, or spirituality growth.

Other common Dreams around Hair

Growing or shaving your beard or mustache: Shaving her facial hair can indicate a minor change in your life or the you have actually nothing to it is in ashamed of, whereas growing facial hair have the right to reflect a desire come hide something.Feeling the wind in her hair: This regularly signifies that you are totally free (or desire to be) or the you feeling the have to escape from the daily grind. This sort of dream may likewise indicate a require to ultimately be yourself; because that example, if you've long been concealing or downplaying a crucial part of her personality, dreaming that the breeze in her hair might be her subconscious's way of encouraging you to let her true inner-self shine outwardly.Braiding your hair: Braids can selection in intricacy from quite simple to staggeringly complex. Similarly, dreams around braids have the right to indicate anything from a desire come ditch her insecurities and also project a more positive picture of you yourself to a lengthy journey you will take or thoughts the you just can't gain out of your head (for better or worse). Dreams about braided hair may also reflect a need for organization and also order in one's waking life.

Last words on Dream-Hair Symbolism

Powerful dream symbols room born out of powerful waking-life associations. The an ext invested one is in one's hair, the more importance one should location on "hairy" dreams.

For those who place importance on your hair, dreams around it have the right to be major indications of possible issues in life, such as feeling a lose of strength or a need to rethink one's an individual identity.

Dreams are not prophecies, yet they can help us recognize ourselves.

It is important to mental that dreams are no prophecies. To trust me—this will save you from lot needless anxiety! Rather, dreams are indications of exactly how one feels and also how the unconscious mental is responding come what is walking on in the waking world. For that reason, learning how to translate your dreams can be tricky, but likewise incredibly worthwhile.

Dreams exist to inform the dreamer as to how to successfully remedy cases that are creating chaos in your day-to-day lives and to reinforce those that promote well-being. Gift in touch through your dream life deserve to lead come a much better understanding of your waking life, as the 2 are definitely entwined.

If you room interested in learning just how to benefit from the points your desires can teach you, you may want to try lucid dreaming. Once mastered, this skill allows you to regulate your dreams.

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Ania ~ above June 12, 2020:

Hi, deserve to you tell me what dreaming of overfill hair means? i dreamed that ns was stroking mine neck and also feeling other on it, then ns looked in the mirror and provided hair farming on political parties pf it, additionally on my arms

Thank you.

Tim Truzy indigenous U.S.A. On march 23, 2020:

Excellent article. Ns loved it. Filled v rich information. Thanks.

Karim Ibrahim on January 19, 2020:

Hi, I had a dream that it was raining and at the very same I was told in the dream come play football whiles raining and I did so.

Din on might 05, 2019:

I think a carrier pigeon would supply the article quicker:D

Adu habte ~ above April 20, 2019:

Hi to ~ outher, once i was sleeping in night i dream my top head hair is fully like however saraunds by hair in the edge what go mean?

Din on April 11, 2019:

I'm not acquainted with wish-fulfillment dreams. Would you it is in so sort to elaborate much more on the topic?

Yeah, I've to be struggling to discover a decent project which deserve to be a shaft to mine future projects. For this reason it has been financially difficult for me.

If it's any assist I day-dream a lot. Even it appears ridiculous my life's dream s to end up being a billionaire. Crazy isn't it?

This is the first time I short article something like this ~ above the internet, yet this hair farming thing made me feel like I possess supermacht to do anything ns want.

Btw. I'm not a "looney tune" yet this dream was crazier 보다 fiction that's why I decided to google it.

Aisling Ireland (author) from Savannah, Georgia on April 05, 2019:

Hi Din, thanks for writing. Ns apologize it took me a while come answer! your dream sound two-fold come me. Top top the surface, it sounds choose a wish-fulfillment dream. Room you acquainted with wish-fulfillment dreams? If not, you re welcome let me know and I'll write an ext about them. ~ above the various other hand, the dream sounds choose it might have more to perform with your ability to navigate other areas of your life with higher ease than you formerly thought possible. Simply out that curiosity, is there any kind of area of your life the you feel specifically stressed about or you feel is past your control?

din top top April 02, 2019:

Why is there no prize to mine question? If you need any type of minutiae of mine dream, feel cost-free to ask.

Din on march 29, 2019:

I'm a male. 31 years old and I have actually been losing hair for 7-8 years. Mine hairline and also crown space the most affected.

Yesterday night I have dreamt the I have the power to regrow my hair by the concentration of my thoughts in a matter of minutes.

What deserve to this mean?

Aisling Ireland (author) from Savannah, Georgia on march 14, 2019:

Hi Jane, thanks for writing. Could you provide me some an ext information about your dream?

jane on march 14, 2019:

Aisling Ireland (author) native Savannah, Georgia on January 30, 2019:

Hi, Michelle. Space you concerned around hair lose in waking life?

Michelle ~ above January 29, 2019:

Okra is simply merely a food to me, but in the dream as soon as the stranger stated it, i imagined ns could apply it topically straight to the impacted area fairly than eating it because it wasn't clear just how i have to use it.

Aisling Ireland (author) from Savannah, Georgia top top January 28, 2019:

Hi Michelle, many thanks for writing. I have actually had desires where strange words room in thrown out there together well. The best means I've ever before come up with a definition for lock is to shot to discover associations I have with the word. So, what associations carry out you have with the word, "okra"?

Michelle ~ above January 28, 2019:

Hi, I had a dream of having dandruff then it spread and also made many of my hair fell off.. I was a little bit afraid as to what was happening come me then ns heard indigenous a stranger ns was walking with that there is a solution and also she mentioned it to be Okra. Strange yet I was curious to try but prior to I tried, I've already woken up. What's the meaning of this?

Aisling Ireland (author) from Savannah, Georgia ~ above January 16, 2019:

Hi Jean Marie, thanks for writing. I would require a little an ext information to aid with the question. Were you combing your very own hair or someone else's? to be the hair simple to comb or tangled?

Aisling Ireland (author) indigenous Savannah, Georgia top top January 15, 2019:

Hello Don! for this reason you're having recurrent dreams about your hair growing and cutting it? You point out that in the dreams you room frustrated. Have the right to you provide me a little much more information around what the is the frustrates you? room you frustrated the your hair is acquisition a lengthy time come grow, frustrated the it keeps growing long, or frustrated around cutting it?

Don ~ above January 15, 2019:


I've been constantly dreaming around my quick hair growing and also becoming long and trying to cut it while gift frustrated. Any kind of idea what this can mean?

Aisling Ireland (author) from Savannah, Georgia top top December 24, 2018:

Hi Su! I'm having actually trouble understanding which component of her comment is the dream. Is the entirety comment the dream or to be you in reality diagnosed v breast cancer and then had your hair grow earlier blonde? If you to be diagnosed through breast cancer, how are girlfriend doing?

Su Smith top top December 23, 2018:

Hi been having actually strange dreams of late around my hair. I was diagnosed v breast cancer a pair of month ago. My hair grew back blonde and really unruly. I have beautiful dark naturally wavy hair. I also had my girlfriend colour it in really trendy wild colours after attending a hairdressers to acquire it styled funky first. I love my hair currently so the dream was rather alarming.

Aisling Ireland (author) native Savannah, Georgia ~ above December 06, 2018:

Thank you, Amina!

Amina on November 12, 2018:

Hi give thanks to u the interpretations was spot on amazing..

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Aisling Ireland (author) from Savannah, Georgia ~ above April 25, 2014:

Thank you! ns haven't responded because I haven't been working because of health issues. However I appreciate your sort comment!

TheDailyMessenger from ras Vegas, NV on august 04, 2011:

Hmm, Fascinating. Never ever thought that hair as a symbol.It makes sense though once you think about it. Again you have actually amazed me v such a fascinating idea or reality or every little thing its called. Thanks for making such a great hub.

Rosemary Sadler native Hawkes just - NewZealand on august 04, 2011:

An interesting hub. I can't say i have ever dreamed about hair, but rarely psychic my desires anyway