It appears to me together though civilization waiting in lobby room "BATTLE ROYALE LOBBY n/4", and also people in a video game are "PLAYING BR ..

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" yet what is "Online"? Launcher open on the desktop but video game closed? Creative? STW? Or is it simply the exact same as br lobby?


Online usually refers to console players.It"s once they exited out of Fortnite yet didn"t actually protect against the application, i.e it"s when they simply press house while they to be playing and are now playing a different game.

Otherwise it means that they are still entering the game.

If the isn"t for the first reason i mentioned then it"s since they are still beginning the video game (their Fortnite is launching), or the their launcher is open (a premature part of opened the game).



I to be not completely sure yet I think "online" means that they space on the loading display screen or lock are choosing the gamemode.


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