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Ice In my Veins Pose, also known together the TikTok eight Thing, is a pose in which you touch the underside the a lower arm v your index and also middle fingers together if checking her pulse, optionally biting your lower lip, used to represent that you space "cold-blooded." The pose was started around 2016 through NBA player D"Angelo Russell as a post-basket celebration before being adopted by TikTokers in beforehand 2021 together a display of pride.


The hatchet "ice in her veins," an interpretation "cold-blooded," has actually been provided in basketball and also other sporting activities to describe skillful players that don"t fold under pressure due to the fact that at the very least 2012 once the expression was an initial defined on city Dictionary,<1> specifically mentioning Kobe Bryant in the example.

On march 1st, 2016, the new York Nets played against the ras Angeles Lakers in an NBA game.<7> The Lakers won, v player D"Angelo Russell scoring 39 points against the Nets. After properly shooting a three-pointer v 30 seconds left in the game, Russell celebrate by pointing at the underside the his arm and also saying "ice," together if come say he has actually "ice in his veins" (shown below). This is the earliest tape-recorded use the the pose.

In a December 2016 interview with GQ,<8> Russel describes what the celebration means to him, saying:

It’s something mine dad said farming up. He constantly said you have to be ready for big moments, you gotta have ice in your veins. You have to have no feelings. You need to go out there and play her hardest and do what friend do. The was the celebration event what ns performed well and knowing he all set me mentally.

He also describes just how he supplied to do the pose earlier in high school. Russell has ongoing to use the pose transparent his job (compilation shown below).


On November 22nd, 2016, Lakers player Nick Young, recognized for the perplexed Nick Young meme, payment tribute come Russell by utilizing the attitude after scoring the Lakers a three-pointer in the critical 10 secs of the 4th quarter in a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, saving the video game (shown below). Top top November 23rd, round Is Life<9> report on the tribute.


In at an early stage 2021, TikTokers began using the "ice in mine veins" posture in a range of videos. It"s unknown who began this, yet one the the earliest fads to use it, set to the track "Hayloft" by mom Mother, look at TikTokers<2><3> usage the pose come humorously and often ironically stand for someone or something as "cold-blooded" (examples shown below, left and also right). The trend started in so late February 2021.

The paper definition of the pose has been somewhat lost in its relocate to TikTok, with numerous unsure the its beginning or what it means, often referred to merely as the "TikTok eight thing" by those out-of-the-loop, assuming the attitude was began on the platform (example presented below).

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The posture saw significant use in videos using the sheesh sound impact on TikTok<5><6> in March, provided most often to show pride (examples displayed below, left and also right).