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The an easy Operations

In basic mathematics there are many ways of saying the same thing:

Addition is ...

... Bringing 2 or more numbers (or things) together to do a brand-new total.

The number to be added together are dubbed the "Addends":


Subtraction is ...

... Taking one number far from another.

Minuend − Subtrahend = Difference

Minuend:The number that is to be subtracted from.Subtrahend:The number the is to be subtracted.Difference: The result of individually one number from another.

Multiplication is ...

... (in its simplest form) repeated addition.

Here we watch that 6+6+6 (three 6s) do 18:


It can also be claimed that 3+3+3+3+3+3 (six 3s) do 18

But we can likewise multiply by fractions or decimals, i beg your pardon goes beyond the simple idea of repetitive addition:

Example: 3.5 × 5 = 17.5

which is 3.5 lots of 5, or 5 several 3.5

Division is ...

... Splitting into equal parts or groups. The is the an outcome of "fair sharing".

Division has actually its own special words to remember.

Let"s take the simple question of 22 separated by 5. The answer is 4, v 2 left over.

Here we check out the important words:


Which can also be in this form:


A portion is ...

... Component of a whole.


The top component (the numerator) says how numerous parts us have.

The bottom part (the denominator) claims how plenty of parts the entirety is divided into.

See fractions for much more details.

A Decimal Number is ...

... A number that includes a Decimal Point.


See decimal for more details.

A portion is ...

... Parts per 100. The prize is %


Example: 25% way 25 every 100 (25% that this box is green)

See Percentages for much more details.

Average (Mean) is ...

... The sum split by the count.

We calculation the mean by adding up all the values, then division by how countless values.

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Example: What is the mean of 9, 2, 12 and also 5?

Add up all the values: 9 + 2 + 12 + 5 = 28

Divide by how countless values (there are four of them): 28 ÷ 4 = 7

So the typical is 7

See median for more details.

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