Belated birthday is nonsense, because the anniversary is the anniversary, and also cannot it is in postponed even if the celebrations are.

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Belated happy birthday, strictly, is likewise nonsense due to the fact that the date of birth has currently gone and also may or may not have actually been happy.

Therefore ns would indicate something along the present of:

Belated date of birth wishes (as argued in an additional answer)Hope you had a Happy Birthday. Sorry i missed that / sorry I\"m late.

Well belated method behind date or late.

From Oxford Dictionary:

belated, adj.

Detained beyond the usual time, coming or remaining too late; out of date, behind date.

So, if you\"re wishing someone a Happy Birthday i beg your pardon is late, you would use:

Belated Happy Birthday

\"Belated\", that course, refers to something that has actually been delayed. Native Merriam-Webster:

be·lat·ed adjective \\bi-ˈlā-təd, bē-\\ 1: delayed beyond the normal time 2: present or showing up past the normal or suitable time

So, to wish someone after your actual birthday, the best phrase in my opinion would certainly be \"Belated birthday wishes\", since it\"s just your desire that obtained delayed.

Among the two options yo\"ve given, \"Belated Happy Birthday\" is an ext common in my part of the world than the other.



The perception the there is other paradoxical or nonsensical around belated happy birthday and also its variants is due to taking happy birthday itself at challenge value, that is, as an expression the a wish that the addressee\"s birthday (one particular day) be happy. However, when civilization say happy birthday, your wishes are usually not specifically focused on the day. If lock were, it would make much more sense come express together wishes in the morning, rather than the evening, when many of the job is already gone, however the last is, in fact, far much more common. The expression happy birthday, instead conveys pass out wishes that the addressee\"s life usually go well, merged with the acknowledgment of the birthday. If what is packed into happy birthday were made fully explicit, it would amount to something like: \"Noting that today is your birthday, and appreciating the meaning of that fact, i wish you the your life walk well in the future\".

There is nothing paradoxical about expressing such wishes through some delay. What is conveyed by a belated happy birthday article is something like: \"Noting that your birthday was a few days ago, and also appreciating the meaning of that fact, i wish you the your life go well in the future\".

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Now, there may still it is in something syntax puzzling about belated happy birthday in that belated in it seems to qualify birthday and it is unclear what that would mean (relative come what is the date of birth delayed?). The puzzle deserve to be resolved if we think the happy birthday analogously to thank you. The is generally embraced that the last phrase deserve to be offered not only as an exclamation actually expressing thanks, but additionally as a noun expression standing for something the expresses thanks. If someone were to compose \"Here is my belated thank you for . . .\", us wouldn\"t have any kind of problem expertise that thank you is offered in the last way, and also that belated qualifies thank you as a whole. Similarly, when we receive a card saying belated happy birthday, we must think the belated together qualifying the totality of happy birthday, fairly than just birthday.