Being top top the yearbook committee in high school, I constantly made sure to include my very own special memories choose poorly time tennis image of mine ex-boyfriend and also casual team shots that my own clan the weirdos.

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It to be a symbol that an era had actually ended, and also all the was left to be these messages from the people who knew me when I was just a shy son without a clue, yet with a lot of Hollister tee shirts.

Their last written goodbyes were claimed to it is in a remembrance of mine time at Deltona High School. Miscellaneous I could look ago on through a smile and probably a grimace. But five years later, some of the signatures the my former classmates create no reaction in ~ all.

“HAGS,” the abbreviation for “Have A great Summer” virtually decorated entire pages that white room meant for embarrassing memories and also sincere compliments. But ago then my focus was obviously quantity not quality. People who i haven’t watched in half a decade chose to do their final memories of us to be trendy lingo and not something precious remembering and also bringing up at the reunion. Also some of mine current best friends, left no much more than a phone number and “We have to hang soon!”

You would have actually thought after ~ a four years that borrowing having lunch money and hitching rides in the automobile pool that ns would have actually had much more of an impact on this people. Despite it didn"t median anything then, that does now.

High schoolers, future graduates: don’t do the same mistake.

I understand this month has actually been an insane roller coaster of university applications, graduation parties and remembering to say thanks to your grandparents because that the congratulations check, yet take a moment to breathe. Remember the moments whereby you did really stupid stuff that can only it is in excused due to the fact that of your age, and well, YOLO. Thank the peers or adult that affected your life, an excellent or bad, because it put you on the path you"re adhering to today. Create something coherent in you"re friends yearbook, because who really knows if you"ll store in touch ~ high school.

There space a few former classmates that mine that have actually died because graduation, and one of the only memories of castle I have left are their yearbook signatures. No to gain all morbid top top you, yet things do happen. It"s necessary to appreciate everything — and everyone — you have in your life right now.

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Social media interaction is always an option, however you’ll it is in different world soon. Grown-ups through degrees, and also jobs and cars that weren’t handed down to you. Who you are currently is just a stepping stone to the human being you are meant come be. So pay tribute come this era in her life, this human you room now, and write something the really matters. Something you i will not ~ be ashamed to read 5 years later.