You will absolutely not visualize the on a plate but a cute tiny being in a cage, eating alfalfa pellets. They have a link to our childhood memories.

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But nowadays, rodents, including guinea pigs, are appearing more on the bowl in the US. That’s because many called its taste to that of a chicken.

The trend started in south America with high need in Colombia, Ecuador, and also Peru, especially throughout their yearly festival.

Activists case that eating guinea pigs may be helpful for the environment.

Matthew Miller, director of scientific research communications, claims that rodents are a better alternative come beef.

They don’t influence the ecology with a huge need for pasture prefer cattle animals do.

What room Guinea Pigs?


Guinea Pigs, also known as cavy or cuyes in Spanish, are species of residential rodents.

Domesticating this herbivorous rodents’ initial purpose to be to keep them as livestock animals and a source of meat.

However, they ended up being popular as a family pet in phibìc America and Europe. Western society welcomes this rodent more like a pet than a delicacy.

But let’ no forget the guinea pigs are originally South American rodents belonging to the cavy family.

And castle still consider it a treat. The flavorful taste the guinea pig has started to make rounds even in the western human being now.

What perform Guinea Pigs Taste Like? perform Guinea Pigs Taste Good?


Guinea pig, or Cuy as they commonly call it, has actually a diverse taste in between a rabbit and also a duck.

The meat of it can acquire rich and also flavorful if you cook it properly.

Try roasting it end a flaming fire to get its skin crackling, which have the right to put pork crackling come shame.

Some even find the flavor comparable to but not together soft together chicken.

They are small; hence there is little meat ~ above the thin bones and also needs attention while nibbling top top them.

They are flavorful, nutritious, and also most importantly, lock are originally livestock animals, and you can raise them v ease.

This very delicious and an important food is obtaining popularity in other parts the the world. And that’s why more people are moving them from cages come plates.

And why not, as it tastes as good as various other meats, if not better, and also it’s eco-friendlier.

Not just in flavor, however guinea pigs are also a healthy choice. They might not be all meatier but a great source the protein.

In fact, their meat has higher protein content 보다 beef, chicken, pork, or lamb.

They are also low in cholesterol, with just 8% fat, lot leaner than other meats, making castle an ideal choice for load loss.

Guinea pigs are also great source of Omega 3 fatty acids and Vitamin B. They space healthy, small, and also cheap, making them livestock with good potential.

As much as they space nutritious, they additionally need nutrition if you arrangement on raising them in your backyard for your consumption. Guinea Lynx speak you how.

How to chef Guinea Pigs?


You can cook it whole, deep-fried, or grilled- the tastes great in several ways. Countless eat them every the means from head come toe.

It deserve to take friend on a gastronomical treat, as Gordon Ramsey put it. That says, “You do not know what you missing.”

You deserve to roast or bake guinea pig, as with you would certainly with any other meat. Here are a couple of standard techniques you have the right to try.


This dish is of Peruvian origin. It involves frying the entirety cuy in vegetable oil but in a details stone oven.It would aid if you cooked it until it’s crunchy and also breaks easily.Serve it v sides the potato and also greens.CuyChactado is a Peruvian cuisine and a specialty there. If you want to try guinea pigs the yes, really way.

Stuffed Guinea Pig

like you would certainly to a chicken or turkey, you deserve to bake guinea pig v stuffing.



Guinea pig may be mall and humble but offer a lot more in terms of taste and nutrition, much an ext than other meats.

It may appear small daring to part people’s liking, yet it is a great alternative considering the environment.

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Switching to guinea pigs will substantially decrease the carbon footprint as well as make us an ext accepting.