What walk DW Mean?

DW usually means "Don"t Worry", yet it has actually other interpretations too. More specifically, in a gaming context, the abbreviation DW describes "Distant civilizations 2." that can likewise mean "Dear Wife" or "Doctor Who." Here"s a little much more information about each the these interpretations of DW. (Examples that use deserve to be discovered below.)Don"t WorryIn basic online chat and also in text messaging, DW is often used v the meaning "Don"t Worry" to reassure someone. For example: Bob: Eek! I"ve shed my phone! Anne: DW, I"ll call you. It"ll be under some clothes in your floordrobe. Distant human beings 2In a gaming context (e.g., ~ above gaming apps, such as Discord), DW usually refers to the video game "Distant worlds 2." DW is a game of room discovery, in i beg your pardon players accomplish up at method points to take component in a variety of online events and also projects.

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Video Summarizing DW

Here"s a short video explaining exactly how to usage DW:
Dear WifeDW is periodically used v the definition "Dear Wife." In this context, DW is typically used by married men when talking about their spouse. Doctor WhoDW is also used through the definition "Doctor Who" to describe the long-running BBC TV series of the very same name. However, this usage of DW is generally limited to devout pan of the show. (Especially for those fans, here"s a clip that the title scene of the very very first episode of DW.)

The initial 1963 title | medical professional Who

Summary of an essential Points

First definition of DW

"Distant Worlds" is the most common an interpretation for DW, particularly on gaming apps, such together Discord and Telegram. DW
Definition:Distant worlds (Game)
Guessability:4: daunting to guess
Typical Users:Adults and also Teenagers

Second meaning of DW

"Don"t Worry" is the most common an interpretation for DW in general chat top top Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and also Instagram. DW
Definition:Don"t Worry
3: Guessable
Typical Users:Adults and also Teenagers

Third an interpretation of DW

"Dear Wife" is another definition for DW. DW
Definition:Dear Wife
Guessability:4: challenging to guess
Typical Users:

Fourth definition of DW

DW is additionally sometimes used to refer to the BBV TV series "Doctor Who."DW
Definition:Doctor Who
Guessability:4: daunting to guess
Typical Users:Adults and Teenagers

Image because that DW

When I create DW
, I typical this:
DW is also used to typical "Dear Wife" and also "Doctor Who."


Examples of DW in Sentences

Here are instances of DW being used in conversations:Benny: view you in ~ the DW waypoint weekend.Alex: Not sure I have the right to make it. There"s a DW convention top top in town that weekend. Ns am going as a Dalek.(Here, DW ad both come the video game "Distant people 2" and also to the TV collection "Doctor Who.")Husband: I"m not getting any type of work done at all.Wife: DW. Just think of yourself together being great at multitasking, choose your DW. But, uneven me, you have the right to waste time, it is in unproductive, and also procrastinate every at once.(Here, DW means both "Don"t Worry" and also "Dear Wife.")

An scholastic Look in ~ DW

As the is pronounced making use of its individual letter (i.e., "Dee Dublyoo"), DW is classified as an initialism abbreviation. Initialisms are various to acronyms, i beg your pardon are talked like words.When provided with the an interpretation "Don"t Worry," DW dram the function of an imperative sentence (i.e., one order).
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