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I recognize what positive and an adverse numbers mean in a instance involving money.

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Priya wants to buy three tickets because that a concert. She has earned $135 and each ticket expenses $50. She borrows the remainder of the money she demands from a bank and buys the tickets.

How have the right to you represent the lot of money the Priya has after buying the tickets?How much much more money will certainly Priya should earn come pay earlier the money she obtained from the bank?How lot money will certainly she have actually after she pays ago the money she borrowed from the bank?

At the beginning of the month Kiran had $24 in his institution cafeteria account. Usage a change to represent the unknown amount in each transaction below and write an equation to represent it. Then, represent each transaction top top a number line. What is the unknown quantity in every case?

In the first week he spent $16 on lunches. Exactly how much remained in his account then?Then he deposited some an ext money and his account balance to be $28. Just how much did that deposit?Then he spent $34 on lunches the next week. How much remained in his account then?Then that deposited sufficient money to pay turn off his debt to the cafeteria. How much did that deposit?Explain why it renders sense to usage a negative number to stand for Kiran"s account balance when he fan money.

Here is a bank statement.

“money bag” by security_man via openclipart. Public Domain.

If we put withdrawals and also deposits in the same column, how deserve to they it is in represented?

Andre withdraws $40 to buy a music player. What is his new balance?

If Andre shop $100 in this account, will he still it is in in debt? exactly how do friend know?

Are you prepared for more?

The national debt that a nation is the complete amount of money the federal government of that country owes. Imagine anyone in the United says was inquiry to help pay off the national debt. Just how much would each person have to pay?

Lesson 4 Summary

Banks use positive numbers to stand for money the gets put into an account and negative numbers to stand for money that gets taken the end of an account. When you put money right into an account, the is dubbed a deposit. When you take money the end of an account, the is called a withdrawal.

People also use negative numbers to stand for debt. If you take it out much more money from your account than you put in, then you fan the bank money, and your account balance will be a an adverse number to stand for that debt. Because that example, if you have $200 in your bank account, and then you write a examine for $300, you will owe the bank $100 and also your account balance will be -$100.

starting balancedeposits and also withdrawalsnew balance
0500 + 50
5015050 + 150
200-300200 + ( ext-300)

In general, girlfriend can uncover a brand-new account balance by including the worth of the deposit or withdrawal to it. Girlfriend can likewise tell conveniently how lot money is needed to repay a debt making use of the fact that to obtain to zero native a an unfavorable value you require to add its opposite.

Glossary Terms


When you placed money right into an account, it is dubbed a deposit.

For example, a person included $60 to their financial institution account. Before the deposit, they had $435. ~ the deposit, they had $495, since 435 + 60 = 495 .


When you take it money the end of one account, it is referred to as a withdrawal.

For example, a human being removed $25 native their financial institution account. Before the withdrawal, they had $350. After the withdrawal, they had $325, due to the fact that 350 - 25 = 325 .

Lesson 4 exercise Problems

Decide whether or no each equation to represent a proportional relationship.

Volume measure up in cup (c ) vs. The same volume measure in ounces (z ): c = frac18 z Area the a square (A ) vs. The side length of the square (s ): A = s^2 Perimeter the an it is provided triangle (P ) vs. The side length of the triangle (s ): 3s = p size (L ) vs. Broad (w ) for a rectangle whose area is 60 square units: L = frac60w Clare has $54 in her bank account. A save credits she account with a $10 refund. Just how much walk she now have actually in the bank?Mai owes the bank $60. She gets $85 for her birthday and also deposits it into her account. Exactly how much go she now have actually in the bank?Tyler is overdrawn at the financial institution by $180. His brother has actually $70 more than him. Just how much money go Tyler’s brothers have?Andre has actually $37 in his financial institution account and also writes a inspect for $87. ~ the examine has to be cashed, what will certainly the bank balance show?

Last week, that rained g inches. This week, the lot of rain decreased by 5%. Which expressions represent the amount of rain that dropped this week? select all the apply.

g - 0.05 g - 0.05g 0.95g 0.05g (1-0.05)g

The table shows 5 transactions and the resulting account balance in a bank account, except some numbers space missing. Fill in the missing numbers.

transaction amountaccount balancetransaction 1transaction 2transaction 3transaction 4transaction 5


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5frac34 + ( ext-frac 14)
ext -frac 23 + frac16
ext-frac 85 + ( ext-frac 34)

In every diagram, x represents a different value. For each diagram,

What is something the is definitely true around the value of x ?

What is something that could be true around the value of x ?


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