Here are all the feasible meanings and also translations of the word the cw. Did girlfriend actually median theaceae or the hots?

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The CW

The CW tv Network (commonly referred to as simply The CW) is one American English-language free-to-air television network the is activate by The CW Network, LLC, a restricted liability share venture in between CBS Corporation, the former owners of joined Paramount Network (UPN); and also AT&T, whose WarnerMedia subsidiary is the parent company of Warner Bros., former bulk owner of The WB. The network"s name is an abbreviation acquired from the an initial letters of the surname of its 2 parent corporations (CBS and Warner Bros.).The CW tv Network do its debut top top September 18, 2006, ~ its two predecessors, UPN and also The WB, respectively ceased independent work on September 15 and 17 of the year. The CW"s first two nights the programming – on September 18 and 19, 2006 – had reruns and also launch-related specials. The CW significant its officially launch day on September 20, 2006, v the two-hour premiere of the seventh cycle that America"s next Top Model. Originally, the network"s programming lineup to be intended come appeal greatly to women between the ages of 18 and also 34, although starting in 2011 the network increased in programming the appeals to men. As of august 2017, the CW"s audience is 50% male and also 50% female. The network currently runs programming seven days a week: airing Mondays with Fridays in the afternoon (The CW Daytime) and Sundays v Fridays in element time, together with a Saturday morning live-action education programming block produced by Litton Entertainment called One magnificent Morning, i m sorry is the follower to the computer animation block Vortexx.It is also accessible in Canada on pay television providers through train station owned-and-operated through CBS Corporation and affiliates the are located within proximity to the Canada–United says border (whose broadcasts that CW mirrors are topic to simultaneous substitution laws imposed by the Canadian Radio-television and also Telecommunications Commission, if a Canadian network holds the broadcast rights); that is also available through two affiliates that room classified in the United states as superstations – brand-new York City affiliate WPIX and also Los Angeles affiliate KTLA.Additionally, The CW is available in Mexico with affiliates located near the Mexico–U.S. Border (such as KFMB-DT2/San Diego-Tijuana, KECY-DT3 in El Centro, California, KVIA-DT2 in El Paso, and KCWT-CD through simulcasters KFXV-LD2 KNVO-DT4 in McAllen–Brownsville, Texas and XHRIO-TV in Matamoros, Tamaulipas) top top pay tv providers.

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In both Canada and also Mexico, part CW affiliate signals originating native the U.S. Room receivable over-the-air in border areas depending top top the station"s signal coverage.