Twenty year ago, How the Grinch Stole Christmas premiered in theater with Jim Carrey as the Grinch—in an certain terrifying costume—and Taylor Momsen together Cindy Lou Who, the small girl with the weird hair that loves Christmas. Now, Momsen is 27 years old and is no longer acting, however she has nothing but an excellent memories about making the film. In a brand-new interview v Today, Momsen looked earlier on she time do How the Grinch Stole Christmas and shared what she's approximately today. Review on to hear she experience, and also for one more child star every grown up, inspect out What the tiny Girl indigenous Those '90s Pepsi advertising Looks like Now.

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"I execute remember having a most fun on the set," Momsen said. She described that she gained to perform a most her own stunts, which had falling through a trap door. "I was young, so ns thought every one of that stuff to be so much fun." and even as a child, she to be impressed through Carrey as an actor. "I psychic him gift so kind, therefore concerned, yet so methodical with what he to be doing. Even at the young of one age, ns remember watching him and going, 'I'm the town hall an artist right now at work.'"

Though there to be some components Momsen didn't enjoy—like put on fake teeth, because she hated the taste that the glue that held them in place—she stated the endure of do the movie assisted her uncover her true passion: recording music. Momsen's favorite storage from collection was gaining to record the tune "Where room You, Christmas?" in a studio through the late composer James Horner.

"I'll never forget walking into this beautiful studio, through this immaculate console in prior of me, and putting headphones on and singing right into a microphone because that the an initial time," Momsen said. "That to be such an impactful minute in mine life due to the fact that it made me go, 'I wanna make music for the rest of mine life. Ns love gift in a record studio.'"

Following her retirement indigenous acting as soon as she was still a teen, music has now become Momsen's career. Review on to uncover out an ext about her post-Grinch life, and for more on Christmas movies, check out The finest Christmas movies of all Time, follow to Critics.

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Her career together a child actor took turn off after exactly how the Grinch Stole Christmas.

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"People lug up The Grinch come me rather a bit, obviously around Christmas," Momsen said Today. "It's definitely funny now when civilization don't realize that ns played Cindy Lou Who and also they could know me from mine music or something, and also then put two and also two together and you get the large reaction that 'I can't believe that's the very same girl in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.' and I get a substantial kick the end of that." and for an ext on standard Christmas movies, This Is the solitary Most renowned Holiday Movie of all Time, inspection Says.

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