Beyonce provided birth come daughter Blue Ivy Carter on Saturday in ~ a brand-new York Hospital, according to reports. Photo: Reuters
With the bear of Beyonce"s baby girl, it looked favor all rumors about her fake pregnancy had finally passed away down, yet now it appears that they just obtained replaced by a collection of brand-new rumors! The story this time space being fabricated roughly the name of the child - Blue Ivy Carter.

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Born as Beyonce Giselle Knowles, the pop diva is accustomed to patent names. Also her husband"s surname was Shawn Corey Carter once he was born, however later he became famous as Jay-Z. Considering this, the pair going for a unique name for their infant shouldn"t come as a large surprise.

However, it appears that world are recognize the name a little bit odd, and also resulting the end of that are the cultivation rumors that the surname Blue Ivy has actually its roots in Illuminati and Satanism.

As soon as the news of Beyonce"s daughter broke out ~ above Jan. 8, the subject Eulb Yvi is Latin because that Lucifer"s daughter, spread like wildfire ~ above Twitter. It argues that Blue Ivy is originated from Eulb Yvi, which means Lucifer"s daughter in Latin.

There were other suggestions also - Blue stands for Born life Under Evil and Ivy means Illuminati"s an extremely Youngest. Although it"s unclear as to why world think so, there space reports the it"s because Jay-Z is rumored to be a part of the Illuminati for part time now.

However, Jay-Z has actually denied gift in the Illuminati. It might sound a tiny arrogant, yet I just think civilization can"t take care of when somebody else is successful. Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta it is in down through some greater power. And I guess as soon as someone else is successful, it makes you feeling like perhaps you"re a failure. So that can"t it is in you, it needs to be some other force, the i know good hop artist responded to the Delta Airlines sky magazine, who lugged up the topic recently.

IVY =Illuminati"s very Youngest. Eulb Yvi (her surname backwards) is Lucifer"s daughter"s surname in Latin, Twitter user Rai Mithaposted.

Jay-Z & Beyonce named their daughter Ivy Blue, Ivy Blue = Eulb Yvi, which to be the surname of lucifer"s daughter in latin! one more Twitter user postedon Sunday.

Is there any kind of truth behind these rumors? Is Beyonce"s daughter Illuminati"s very Youngest? Is she the daughter the Satan? Well, these space nothing yet a bunch that insane rumors from world who may not it is in all the fond that Beyonce and also Jay-Z.

Examiner.comhas come up with a thorough report with reference to the Bible, saying over there is no cite in the bible that Lucifer had actually a daughter. Over there is also great controversy as to whether angels are qualified of having actually sex. Because Lucifer is a please angel, that would autumn under the classification of an point of view in regards to reproduction, the report said.

There is a id that the bible teaches that angels can not reproduce. However, no particular evidence that this has actually been uncovered in the scripture yet. The report explained:

Luke 20: 34-36 explains an encounter wherein Jesus to be asked who a specific woman would be married come after the resurrection. Jesus contrasted resurrected humans to angels the "neither marry, no one are given in marriage." some theologians analyze this to typical that angels carry out not have actually sexual relations.

Though the holy bible doesn"t clearly say if angels possess the capacity of reproduction, over there is no point out in the Scripture either of Lucifer having actually a daughter.

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As because that the claim that Eulb Yvi means Lucifer"s daughter in Latin, over there is no indication the these words have any kind of Latin meaning. Together per Google Translate, Daughter in Latin is Filia and Lucifer is Latin for Morning Star. So just how is Eulb Yvi Lucifer"s daughter?

What about Blue? fine it"s Jay-Z"s favourite color. He dubbed his 6th studio album Blueprint. Thus, the infant girl it s okay the touch that the favorite of her mom and also dad - Blue Ivy Carter.

Watch the video clip below:

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