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By all accounts, Banquo is a good friend that Macbeth in the beginning. When they very first hear the prophecies, Banquo doesn’t take it them seriously and also Macbeth does no seem come either. Castle laugh and also joke around them.

First, Banquo doubt the witches indigenous the start.

great sir, why carry out you...

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By all accounts, Banquo is a good friend the Macbeth in the beginning. As soon as they an initial hear the prophecies, Banquo doesn’t take them seriously and Macbeth does not seem come either. They laugh and joke about them.

First, Banquo doubt the witches native the start.

Good sir, why execute you start, and seem come fear

Things that do sound therefore fair? I’ the name of truth,(55)

Are ye fantastical or the indeed

Which outwardly ye show? (Act 1, step 3, rebab.net etext pdf. P. 13)

The conversation is fixed serious, together the two guys joke around the prophecies.


Were such things below as we execute speak about?

Or have actually we consumed on the insane root

That bring away the factor prisoner?


Your youngsters shall be kings.


You shall be King.(90)


And Thane the Cawdor too. Walk it not so?


To the selfsame tune and also words. (p. 14)

Later, Banquo starts to feel that the witches room not not authorised fun, and might be dangerous. They offer him nightmares the night Macbeth murders Duncan. He realizes they appeared to be right around Macbeth.

All"s well.

I dreamt critical night of the 3 weird sisters:

To friend they have show"d some truth.(25) (p. 27)

Macbeth lies, speak he has actually not assumed of them.

Let united state not forget that there to be a prophecy about Banquo to, and as Banquo begins to suspect Macbeth of Duncan’s death, he starts to wonder about his own prophecy that his sons will be king, though he will not. For sure Macbeth will view both Banquo and his child Fleance together a threat.

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Thou hast the now: King, Cawdor, Glamis, all,

As the weird ladies promised, and also I fear

Thou play"dst most foully for"t: yet it to be said

It should not stand in thy posterity,

But that myself should be the root and also father(5)

Of countless kings. If there come truth from them—

As upon thee, Macbeth, their speeches shine—

Why, by the verities ~ above thee made good,

May they not be mine oracles together well

And collection me increase in hope? yet hush, no more.(10) (Act 3, step 1, p. 40)

It transforms out Banquo is right. It is not lengthy after this the Macbeth has him murdered. His son just barely escapes.