B.o.B"s actual name is Bobby beam Simmons, Jr. In an interview with DJBooth"s DJ Z, the rapper describes the range of interpretations this pseudonym have the right to have – "...B.o.B. Is really flexible and also it uses to many situations. Like, because that example, on the weekend, as soon as I"m takin" it easy, I"m simply Burnin" top top Blunts, the ideal of Buds. And when it comes Monday, ns gotta get ago in the studio, therefore I got my company over Bullsh*t, organization over B*tches. And also I"m fast with it, choose a bullet outta a Barrel, and also I"m just Bangin" out Beats and also Bustin" ~ above Beats as soon as I"m rappin"."
While tho in small high school, B.o.B created a group with his cousin Swag, called The Klinic. When his companion left because that college, B.o.B decided to beginning a solo career and also subsequently tape-recorded a hazy ode come marijuana called "Cloud 9."
His first studio album B.o.B Presents: The Adventures that Bobby Ray hit #1 top top the Billboard 200, do B.o.B. The 13th masculine solo artist to have actually a debut album at #1 in its first week.

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B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray includes contributions from Lupe Fiasco, T.I., Playboy Tre, Hayley Williams, Rivers Cuomo, Rico Barrino, Eminem, Janelle Monáe and also Bruno Mars.
B.o.B. Attributes in the song "New York brand-new York" that was provided in the start trailer for the first-person shooter video game Crysis 2.
His father is a preacher. Going to the church and also listening come gospel music every Sunday affected his songs "I"ll it is in In The Sky," "Satellite" and "The Lost."
B.o.B is a vocal proponent that the Flat earth theory - the claim the earth is, in fact, a disc quite than spherical. His 2016 monitor "Flatline" broadens on the rapper"s views around the shape of our planet.
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