What walk ATM mean?

An rebab.net acronym that means "At The Moment" — regularly used in messages or online to show what someone is doing currently.

Other interpretations of ATM:

an acronym for "Automated teller Machine" which allow remote financial institution transactions.An acronym because that "Ass come Mouth" — this is a sexual act in i beg your pardon objects are removed from the anus and then inserted into a mouth.Stands for "At the Moment", offered to suggest what is walk on presently.

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How to use the ax ATM:

I"m pretty busy ATM, for this reason call back in one hour.

Just hit increase the ATM and pull some cash the end of the check account.

He to be down through ATM. In fact, he was pretty enthusiastic around it. Need to be safe and clean though.

ATM, we"re in Australia. I"ll message you ago when we acquire to the states.


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