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atlo-, atloaxoid, at loggerheads, at long last, at loose ends, ATM, atman, atmo-, atmolysis, atmometer, atmometry

In the world of an individual banking, ATM is an abbreviation for automated novelist machine.

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In digital communication, ATM is quick for in ~ the moment, typically written in small letter as atm.

How is ATM pronounced?

< ey-tee-em >

What are some other creates of ATM?


What space some other words concerned ATM?


The 1950–60s witnessed the increase of self-service gas stations and vending machines, so that seemed unpreventable that consumers would desire a means to retrieve cash from your accounts there is no ever setting foot in a bank.

Well, they gained their great in the so late 1960s through the development of the automated teller machine, or ATM. An ATM permits a person to take the end cash native their financial institution account without connecting with a bank teller (hence automated) or visiting a physical financial institution branch.

The abbreviation ATM is first recorded in 1975. End the decades, ATMs came to be increasingly sophisticated, enabling people to deposit cash and also buy postage stamps, among other services.

Fast front to the 1990s–2000s, once ATM, typically as atm, take it on the definition at the minute online and in text messages. This abbreviation is first recorded in the early 1990s, coinciding v the rise of the internet. In digital messages, atm spread as a practically shorthand to interact to someone what they were up to or how they were feeling best then (i.e., in ~ the moment).

We should additionally mention the ATM is also short because that asynchronous transfer mode, a telecommunications switching technology developed throughout the 1980s. Don’t worry, we’ll preventive you the details (because we’re quiet trying come wrap ours heads approximately them ourselves).

ATM, because that cash-withdrawal machines, is very widespread in speech and writing, so much so the many civilization might not understand it represents automated teller machine. Cash-deprived people can also look because that ATM indications indicating the existence of the machines. Though an English-language term, ATM has money (um, pun intended) all approximately the world, and the letter are commonly capitalized.

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Look because that a usually lowercase atm online and in message messages in its sense of in ~ the moment. On society media, atm is generally used to discuss the social zeitgeist or every little thing feelings one is functioning through.

What space you act atm?