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"The mystical  messages and also symbols that the old and legendary Turtle totem animal... Presents of finding inner wisdom, the magic of intuition, symbolic an interpretation of vast journeys and the gift of long life".


Turtle Symbolism Message: symbol the trusting her inner vision 

Symbolic definition of turtle ...  

Sea tortoise is a very ancient spirit living in the seas, soil turtles do their residence the deserts and the forests.

Turtle spirit pet gracefully teaches united state the art of adapting to brand-new surroundings and environments.

The Sea Turtle opens us up to trying out with brand-new terrains and ideas, while maintaining a comfortable self pace. 

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Messages of tortoise Symbolism ~&~ Meaning. . .

The brilliant blog post from this little Turtle Totem is not to push yourself so fast that you do errors and also miss opportunities.  The Turtle has actually the wisdom of knowing that all things come in perfect and divine timing, sharing the golden lesson of patience.

Turtle understands the require for protection... Self protection and the defense of those girlfriend love.  Turtle has a shell that i do not care it"s home, whenever it is intimidated it retreats to safety of it"s shell... This brings symbolic meaning from the Turtle that you too can do the same, by creating a spiritual shield that is your armor against negativity, harmful influences, and also painful memories.   In retreat gather your inner wisdom and also emerge strengthened and also prepared to move forward, tortoise Spirit overview is over there to guide you through.

Symbolism that the Sea turtle ... Surrendering to the Journey

The strong and hearty Sea turtle takes large journeys in the sea, letting the tides take it her wherein they will, she surrenders in unlimited trust the all will certainly be okay, and she will arrive when and also where opportunity will offer her.  This is a beautiful class of enjoying the journey of your life, trusting in the flow and partaking the the blessings that room bestowed ~ above the way.  In life there is no pure destination... But a myriad the journeys, this is the prize of the Turtle.  I favor to check out the tortoise as having the symbol and magic the serendipity... Experiencing happy accidents.

Turtle meaning and the symbols of Longevity

A splendid gift from Turtle definition is longevity.  Turtles live a very long and also fruitful life, and also teaches great spiritual significance of acquisition the really best care of self and having a long life filled v splendid journeys having actually learned many beneficial life lessons.

Spiritual meaning of Turtle...  Going within to discover Peace

The inner wisdom that originates from Turtle spirit pet arrives native "going inside" recognize peace and safety and taking journeys of the spirit.  These journeys that spirit opens the Turtle and also you approximately the magic realm of imagination and also intuition, where anything is possible.

Hawaiian Sea turtle Symbolism

Everyone seems to have a connection to the marvelous Sea Turtle, and also Hawaiians revere the awesome Sea turtle with good honor and respect.  You"ve more than likely seen hundreds (or more) that Sea Turtle sticker labels on the backs of automobile windows, or logos ~ above t"shirts and so on ~ they"re everywhere because people love the Turtle and also what she symbolizes. 

These mighty creatures room so ancient that castle swam along the dinosaurs throughout the Jurassic period!   They are the true survivors that recognize the real an interpretation of just how to outwit, out play and also outlast!

"The Hawaiian eco-friendly Sea Turtle,  is recognized as “Honu,” symbolizes an excellent luck, endurance and long life. Turtles can display up together a person"s guardian spirit, known as “Aumakua.” when lost, turtles are terrific navigators and often uncover their method home".      source: olukai

To some, the Hawaiian surname for hawksbill sea turtle is "ea, yet for others they are well-known as honu"ea. Hawaiian hawksbill turtles swarm on the main Hawaiian islands, predominately top top the big Island that Hawai"i. However, a couple of hawksbills and green sea turtles additionally nest top top Maui every year.      source: wildhawaii.org

What is the an interpretation of a tortoise Tattoo?

Hawaiian turtle Tattoo definition ~ Turtles, are called "Honu," representing long life and great luck. 

Legends say the Turtles guided the very first explorers that Hawaii v their perfect navigating skills.

Turtle tattoos v flowers exemplify and add deeper meaning to the tattoo. 

The tortoise tattoo to represent healing, lengthy life, and water.

The shade of the turtle is mainly green, choose the sea the swims in, the spiritual color symbolism of the turtle represents wealth, growth and also healing.

Native American an interpretation & Symbolism the Turtle

For the aboriginal Americans the turtle is a sacred number symbolizing mother Earth. 

For the native Americans the Turtle additionally represents lengthy life and also longevity.  Taking countless journeys, learning plenty of lessons and living up to 150 years, the Turtle have the right to be discovered on numerous totem poles representing the medicine and fulfillment of a great life.

Many gifted power healers are linked to the energies the the Turtle, as they commune v the old wisdom the turtle holds.  tortoise will aid guide healers to mom Earth"s medication in plants, herbs and also places.

Video:  indigenous American Turtle  ~ Enjoy!

Celtic tortoise Symbolism

Celtic turtle mythology shows the story that the tortoise and the hare, v the tortoise representing patience, tenacity, and also longevity, v a "never offer up" sensibility.

Thus the turtle elegantly symbolizes the beauty, beauty of acquisition things action by step, discovering that every trip of 1,000 miles starts with one step, and also with each action you acquire closer come the goal.

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Celtic tortoise lore teaches the the tortoise carries her very own shelter through her where she goes together a way of safety and protection, and also she have the right to retreat into her sanctuary whenever she feels the need. 

Turtle meaning in Dreams 

What does it mean when you dream of a Turtle? 

Let"s start with dreaming about a Sea Turtle!  as soon as you dream of the Sea Turtle, you space receiving a message from Spirit about following your intuition regarding the next phase of your life path.  

Just together the sea move the Turtle, let her inner guidance relocate you, simply follow the flow of where heart leads.   A life path takes plenty of twists and turns and also it is up to you to relax enough to hear the whispers.  

Know the the universe is sustaining you on your journey, as with the waves of the ocean support the trip of the Turtle, this is the lesson of trust the Turtle has actually come to assist you with. 

When the Turtle appears in your dreams, Spirit may be inviting you to take it a magnificent journey ~ so that you can involved know you yourself better.

When girlfriend dream the a little Turtle, you might be in need of protecting yourself or taking part contemplative time to you yourself to advice your existing circumstance in ~ a deeper level before you take the next step or do the following move. 

Turtle symbolizes splendid endurance ~&~ longevity

Symbolism of turtle by Presley Love

Sources & Reference:  Presley Love is founder and also author that rebab.net, she is a professional intuitive and energy healer, using her gifts and also divination arts come channel messages from the animals and nature spirits.  added inspiration and also reference material:  Carl Jung:  carlyung.net , Nature and also National Geographic