What type of difficulties are you having with her multifunction switch? room headlights creating concerns in signaling brighter, or the wipers no working?

Multifunction switch is rather a flexible switch the Ford that has to resolve headlights, levers control, wipers, windshield washers, and flashers simultaneously.

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It’s usually put somewhere top top the next of a Torx screw or Hex-head on your Ford, besides the steering column.

Testing the multifunction switch doesn’t require any rocket science knowledge. You may acquire confused because this solitary switch is linked to many other things

In this article, you’ll get to recognize all the details on how you replace the turn signal move or a mix switch.


Replacing the revolve Signal SwitchThe Step-By-Step Guide

Replacing the rotate Signal Switch


If your multifunction switch has gone bad and also started working intermittently and also you’ve started noticing some changes in your revolve signal switch, the time to adjust it right away.

Most human being don’t favor using rotate signals on your Ford. If you’re reading this article, you’re one of those an excellent folks that still use turn signals.

Just prefer some various other electrical materials of the truck, the rotate signals might go bad any time once you’re on her way.

How would certainly you phone call if your rotate signal has actually gone bad?

Well, that’s what you have to check for your examination. If you see any telltale signs on your turn signal as if the starts functioning intermittently, you definitely need to check it out.

You’re now going to change the revolve signal, and this overview will aid you perform that.

Materials friend Need!

Before you acquire into the process, it’s far better to collect the complying with things. The 8mm wrench, T50 Torx bit, Ratchet, flathead screwdriver, 2-jaw puller, pick, and most importantly, a new turn signal is all that you need.

The Step-By-Step Guide

Let’s get right into the process!

1. Action 1 – Disconnecting the fuse and battery

Start loosening the battery cables by using a ratchet and 8mm socket and also end it up by disconnecting the battery.

Once you’re effective at unplugging the battery, if terminals are corroded, complimentary them by prying and using a flat head screwdriver.

Now you need to pull the side panel come get access to the fuse box on the passenger side – most probably below the glove box.

Remove the cover of the fuse box with the help of the flathead screwdriver. Once getting access to the fuse box, you need to pull the red 10amp fuse making use of a fuse puller.

You’ll see it what on the 3rd number in the optimal row. You’re an excellent to go for the next step!

2. Step 2 – removed the steering wheel

Here’s critical step whereby you must be a little bit more vigilant. Begin by prying off the one plastic cover native the appropriate side of the steering column. Here, you can use a flathead screwdriver.

Inside the hole, you need to remove the 8mm bolt. Ensure that you repeat these steps on the driver’s side and also pull out the steering wheel’s center part.

Pick up the head screwdriver and push down on the red tab come disconnect the top harness in the wheel. Pry out on the red tab by disconnecting the bottom tab and picking out the grey clip with a pick’s help.

It’s now the right time because that the surroundings of a two jaw puller inside the center of a steering wheel. Make sure you tighten it to the means the steering wheel becomes basic to traction off and also loosen.

But wait! How have the right to you forget to eliminate the T50 bolt? do it right away by turning the steering wheel to click it right into the place.

Finally, you have to detach the 7/32” bolt that’s existing beneath the steering wheel. It is all! girlfriend have successfully removed the steering wheel, and also you’re good to go on the following step.

3. Step 3 – remove the revolve signal switch, ultimately

Now you need to pull under the adjustment level of the steering wheel along with removing the bottom trim item of the column inside it.

Here, detach the 7/32” bolts and remove the trim by hold the peak trim item onto the obelisk tightly. Finish it increase by remove the solitary 7/32” bolt that’s existing beneath the top trim piece.

It’s time to lift the revolve signal’s top/side right up by advertise the tab. You have to disconnect and detach the 3 wiring harnesses attached come the revolve signal switch.

4. Reinstalling the brand-new turn signal move

Detach the spring from the previous turn signal switch and attach it to the brand-new switch place. Yet wait! girlfriend only have to do it if your brand-new turn signal no come through its very own spring.

It’s currently the ideal time to location the new switch in place by connecting the harnesses. Instead of the bottom and also top bolts on the column and also lifting that might assist you in ~ this stage.

How have the right to you forget to change the height panel? do it appropriate away and also install the two bolts again on the bottom.

Moreover, now you need to reinstall the bottom panel by pushing it in its position. As soon as you’re done with reinstalling, make certain you on slide the steering wheel to heat up the yellow dot and also reconnect the harness.

Lastly, friend are ultimately going come reinstall the Torx screw. Throughout this, reconnect the bolts because that the steering wheel, maintaining it straight up, and also replacing the bolt on every side.

Finally, reconnect the battery by reinstalling the panel cover and also the fuse. You have to put the steering wheel in the position and also lock it in place.

The expectancy of a Multifunction Switch

From adjusting the low and high beams on her headlights, transforming the revolve signal on, to lastly activating the danger lights, a multifunction switch has actually to deal with all of these attributes at once.

There space multiple wires in the switch that space going method towards the steering column. Failing of the switch may cause inconvenience due to the fact that this single switch is managing so numerous functions.

Why go the move fail?

Well! it is something you must really know. The combination switch might fail due to faulty electrical components or wiring shorting out.

Moreover, the move may break down due to excessive force you use or overusing. Sometimes it just happens that only a couple of components fail come work, and also sometimes the entire operation, including headlights, wipers, revolve signals, and also many more.

And if any kind of such point happens, you certainly need come take activity and readjust the switch. Driving her Ford with a faulty multifunction move is a hazard, no doubt.

Symptoms of failing multifunction

Here are a few things that might let you recognize that your switch demands to be changed right now.

There will certainly be no convey of headlights from the low beam come the high beam. If there’s sufficient fluid in the reservoir and also the washer liquid isn’t transforming on. If irradiate bulbs room intact and the danger lights aren’t illuminating. The revolve signals aren’t working, and you have confirmed it by check the light bulbs in them.

The Bottom Line

Testing the multifunction move of her Ford starts best scrutinizing various components linked with it.

As shortly as you uncover out the faulty spot the isn’t functioning right, you have to fix that immediately. If she driving your Ford there is no the combination switch working correctly, that a comprehensive safety hazard.

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Follow the complete guide to make sure to test and readjust your multifunction switch – get the task done.