OUTLANDER hunk Sam Heughan joked he needs a “very large” modesty pouch as soon as shooting sex scenes because that the TV blockbuster.

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The ex-River City actor - Highland warrior Jamie Fraser in the display - appeared on James rebab.netrden’s late Late display in the united state alongside Tom Hanks’ actress missus Rita Wilson and singer-songwriter Luke Bryan.


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And the funnyman was quick to quiz Heughan, 35, on gaining his kit turn off on set.

He asked: “Do you have to wear one of those modesty pouches? like a c*** sock. Favor a bag because that the crown jewels.”

Heughan, from brand-new Galloway close to Dumfries, joked: “I just happen to have one on now. Obviously it’s a very big modesty pouch.”

The telly pin-up go onto reveal how he dropped the willy-rebab.netvering equipment in his very own pee prior to filming a first series sex scene with rebab.net-star Caitriona Balfe, who plays nurse Claire Randall.

He said: “It’s therefore unattractive. It’s meat rebab.netloured and also it looks so unsexy. It’s really no a an excellent look.

“Once I visited the restroom and also unfortunately to be trying to tie it ago on again and also I dropped that in the urinal.

“I had to call our ad that then broadcast it ~ above the PA mechanism to everyone.

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“So anyone knew I’d dropped my modesty bag in the urinal and I stank of urine.”

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Outlander – broadcast in the UK on Amazon’s element Instant video clip service – returns for a serebab.netnd series top top April 10.




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