how Did Magikarp Evolve into Gyarados? even Detective Pikachu's Writer Doesn't understand Exclusive: Detective Pikachu screenwriter Dan Hernandez questions the factors behind Magikarp"s advancement into Gyarados in the Pokémon movie.

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Detective Pikachu Magikarp
Detective Pikachu viewers may have witnessed the beauty, beauty of development when Magikarp transformed into Gyarados onscreen, however how it happened is a an enig even come the writers themselves. In fact, advancement was a crucial factor throughout the film on a object level and also seeing Pokémon prefer Magikarp and Eevee accurate evolve right into their best selves was a fun means of payment homage come that.

But because it is true that Ryme City doesn"t permit Pokémon trainers or battles, and that the story itself doesn"t present the principle of leveling increase in any concrete way, that provides Magikarp"s magical moment productive ground for speculation. Obviously kicking one is not a foolproof setup for evolution in the game, yet the changes in Detective Pikachu"s civilization may have actually made the procedure a little much more poetic than just reaching Level 20.

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Screenwriters Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit had actually fun contemplating the question in an exclude, interview with display screen Rant. While discussing the prominence of advancement on a grander scale as opposed to game mechanics choose XP or rarely Candy, Hernandez said:

"One question that did take place to me after seeing it was: Where had that Magikarp been that it obtained the experience to evolve into Gyarados? It type of needs its very own side movie of what to be going on v that Magikarp that led it to that moment. But for pan who recognize those elements of the game, ns think they get a big kick out of seeing the stuff."

Magikarp and Gyarados
He"s certainly right that fans of the gamings love spotting moment that offer as callbacks, of which Detective Pikachu has several, and also coming up through Gyarados" backstory can serve as a fun video game all top top its own. After ~ all, gift housed in an underground and illegal fight location might serve together harsh life endure for any type of Pokémon - even if lock don"t take part in the fights themselves. And who knows wherein the bad fish Pokémon was imported from before it wound up in the tank? A kick from Pikachu in the middle of a chaotic Charizard"s fiery rage may have actually been the last straw.

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While Hernandez and Samit have actually their own theories and also ideas for movie spin-offs, every one of which would certainly make because that fun family fare, Detective Pikachu is already well on its way to coming to be a film universe. A direct Detective Pikachu sequel was already confirmed earlier this year when 22 jump Street writer Oren Uziel to be hired come pen the script. Plus, with potential stand-alone films in the works, there"s plenty of methods to learn how Magikarp found the inner toughness to do the leap to Gyarados. Possibly a future movie will watch Pikachu transform right into a Raichu, through or without a Thunder stone present. Till it"s confirmed, Detective Pikachu fans can debate among themselves, but they must remember that also the film"s writer doesn"t know.