Romantic partners have the right to share many different types of kisses. Indigenous a sweet peck ~ above the cheek, to a steamy AF, pressed-up-against-the-door makeout sesh, every smooch conveys other different depending on the moment. Oh, and the forehead kiss? that one renders us melt into love-struck pool of mush. Fact.

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“The forehead kiss demonstrates a strong emotional intimacy,” claims Laurel Steinberg, PhD, clinical sexologist and relationship therapist. It’s no a greeting or a lip-lock the erotic attraction, quite it"s a non-sexual gesture that communicates miscellaneous deeper.

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Here, uncover the six factors why your partner can be smooching toward that sexy forehead that yours.

1. Friend share a systematic connection

A forehead kiss from her romantic companion says something really different than tonguing in the bedroom. “While the lip kiss suggests sexual attraction, the forehead kiss speak a an ext meaningful story about the emotional closeness that the relationship,” explains Steinberg.

That’s why a small forehead kiss can as necessary come from a parental or grandparent together well—the gesture is one of emotional fondness.

2. Your partner is legit kissing your soul

There’s actually, for-reals organic reasoning why forehead kisses make us feel all warm and also fuzzy inside. The warmth and also pressure from someone’s lips on her forehead stimulates the pineal gland, which releases chemistry that create joy and also mental wellness. With this gesture, your companion is kissing her thoughts, principles you’ve shared, and you as a being—not simply a physics body.


3. You’re chosen for method more than your bodyWhether it’s your far-ranging other of five years or your brand-new interest kissing your forehead, remainder assured that you’re no being supplied for your hot body (all those squat gains aside). “A forehead kiss indicates that friend aren’t simply seen together a sex object,” says Steinberg. It’s a compassionate, non-sexual means for your partner to interact their adoration and respect towards you.

4. Your companion wants to feel the love, too

“Partners frequently model great behaviors that they want to receive,” says Steinberg. TL;DR if her boo is feeling sweet and kisses your forehead, they"re hoping you’ll respond with some lovin" in return too.


5. Sexual attraction might be ~ above the decline

If bae is only giving you kisses on the forehead, they might be sending a post that their sex-related interest in the relationship is dwindling. The said, this has actually a lot much more to carry out with what else is walking on between the two of you, quite than a tallied number of exchanged forehead kisses. “If you"re ever before unsure the what"s going on in her relationship, skinny in for a lip kiss and also see what wake up next,” claims Steinberg.

If your companion pulls far or seems hesitant, it’s time because that a conversation around what’s up. And also if you get a goodbye forehead kiss native a hookup buddy, this may signify that he/she had a an excellent time, yet doesn’t want an ext from the relationship. Sry, boo.


6. Or your companion is celebrate the victory of finding you!

The date scene RN type of sucks. I mean, many of that is spent online swiping left and also right. This is what renders an IRL link feel that much more rare, and so much far better too! recognize a partner with the same feels together you is like the ultimate win.

Perhaps that’s why photos and memes of #foreheadkisses have been tagged end 33.8k times on Instagram. “Getting to the allude of having someone uncover you and your relationship priceless is a good accomplishment, and also people room proud that to show it off,” says Steinberg. Hashtag, #humblebrag.

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