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In this article, we"re comment your biggest questions about guava fruit. What does it taste like? How"s the texture? just how do friend eat it? check out on to discover out.


The flavor of guava fruit is dry indeed.It"s sweet through a flowery essence and also comes throughout like something between a pear, a mango and also a strawberry.

If you eat a guava that hasn"t reached complete maturity, that will have actually a sharp tang to it.Fully ripened guavas may be a tiny little bit acidic, yet they shouldn"t it is in sour.

The inside of the guava fruit has a creamy structure that"s often contrasted to the flesh of a pear.It"s soft yet firm sufficient to sink your teeth into.

The seeds of the fruit deserve to be a little on the tougher side v a grainy kind of feel to them.They"re quite small, so friend can easily maneuver roughly them.

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You can definitely eat the seeds.It"s approximately you whether you desire to or not.There"s nothing wrong v scooping lock out and tossing them, however many civilization enjoy them.

The biggest impediment to eating the seeds is the hard texture.Some seeds room harder than others, therefore you might need come assess your desire to eat them on a case-by-case basis.

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You sure can.You can eat it like an apple with the skin on, the significant difference being that you need to spit out the seeds of the apple.Some people prefer fresh guava through a little flavor-enhancing salt.

You may have actually heard that guava juice.You can run fresh guava with a juicer and also make a sweet, update fruit juice with all the essence of the guava.If girlfriend don"t have a juicer, you deserve to use a blender and then stress, overload the pulp with a sieve.

Luckily because that us, there are telltale indications in the skin the the fruit once it"s ripe.Young guava fruits start out a lively green and mellow into a yellowish color when they"re prepared to be eaten, possibly with a light pink tinge.

The odor of the fruit likewise develops as it ripens, coming to be deeper and also sweeter.If you"re do the efforts to advice the ripening process, ar it in a paper bag with an apologize or a banana.

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Did you understand you can chef with guava? add it come sauces, summery drinks, jams and anything you want. To obtain a feeling for just how you have the right to use it, watch these quick video recipes with guided instructions.

This is a recipe for Cuban pastelitos de guayaba y queso, or tiny guava and also cheese pastries.We"re using vegan cream cheese here, and also the outcomes are ridiculously good.

Here are the ingredients because that these pastelitos:

Vegan puff pastryVegan cream cheeseGuava dough (you have the right to make your own with fresh guava, sugar and boiling water)SugarFlourVegan milk (optional)

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This guava and mint mocktail is what you need on your following staycation. Or any type of time, really.

The ingredient are:

PineappleOrangesGuava juiceMint

Guavas space sweet fruits with tasting notes prefer mango, pear and also strawberry.They have the right to be eaten raw, skin, seed and also all, or cooked and made into pastries and also desserts.Whether you use guava in your mocktails or fruit salad, you really can"t go wrong.

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