This number is pointed out 80 time in the Bible. In Hebrew the is ‘Sh’moneh’ from the root ‘Shah’meyn’ to placed on weight, cover through fatness, overflow. Together a participle it way “he that is affluent in vigor.” together a noun it indicates “superabundant fertility”, “oil”, etc. And also as a numeral it is the superabundant number.

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As the 7 was therefore named because of the truth that the saturday day is the of the conclusion or rest; the eight, choose the eighth day, was over this perfect number, and was the first of a new period. That represents 2 numbers in one, the first and the eighth.

As regards the an initial period, it to represent the “resurrection”, due to the fact that the old bespeak of things ended, a new number emerges climate to typify the life out of death.

What does 8 average in the Bible?

Besides that, as far as the quality of the resurrected life is concerned, 8 = 7 + 1, it speak of something more than the perfect. If we observe the second period after seven, then the number eight expresses what is new, in comparison to the old the was now eliminated, indicating that the previous collection was completed.

It is the seal that the new pact, the the brand-new creation, characterizing lock in the way. In short, the number eight is the number especially connected with “resurrection” and “regeneration,” and with the beginning of a new era or order.

Christ climbed from the dead “the first day the the week,” which was necessarily the eighth day. It is impressive that the scriptures contains the record of eight other individual resurrections in addition to those of the Lord and also the saints. As soon as the planet was spanned by the flood, Noah was the ‘eighth person’ (2 Pd.2: 5) who stepped ~ above the earth in stimulate to begin a brand-new order of things. “Eight people” (1 Pd.3: 20), consisting of him, passed into the brand-new regenerated world. Those eight souls to be saved and also resurrected in the ark the is a form of Christ.

The circumcision the male children in Israel is a shadow of the true circumcision of the heart, which should be “not make by hand, once the sinful carnal body is actors out the you, in the circumcision the Christ” (Cl.2: 11). ). The male son was circumcised top top the eighth day. The eight is thus linked to the new creation.

The feast that Tabernacles it is long eight days (Lev.23: 36). The party chin lasted 7 days, yet at 7 it was included an eighth; and also by the Levitical regulation that job was always observed as a day of rest (Lev.23: 39).

This celebration event is a type of joy and rest of the millennium, once Christ reigns over the totality earth. It to be on the last day the the feast of Tabernacles the Jesus increased up exclaiming: “If anyone is thirsty, involved me and also drink” (Jn.7: 37). This critical day – the eighth – was, together a type, the good day, because in it they left the stores and also returned to their homes.

In the very same way, after the millennium, the temporal glory will be replaced by the entrance into the new heavens and the brand-new earth; and the eternal day will certainly begin-the an excellent day-when the tabernacle of God will be with men, and also God, in Christ, will be all in all.

It was more than likely with the idea that ​​the Feast that Tabernacles in mind that Peter argued to the mr on the mountain of Transfiguration come make three tents, because that Jesus, Moses and Elijah. Moses and Elijah to be not presented on the same plane as Jesus. Christ, the King, is incomparable and also is undoubtedly over all.


This vision the the kingdom that God come Peter and also his companions took location on the eighth (inclusive) job after the very first announcement the the sufferings of Christ (Lk.9: 28). «After eight days» (Jn.20: 26) another disciple, Thomas, who still had doubts, was brought about recognize the sovereignty the Jesus.

There space eight songs in the Old testament in addition to those consisted of in the Psalms (Ex.15, Nm.21: 17; Dt.32; Jue.5; 2; S.22; the tune of Songs; Is.5; Is .26). This eight song wait to it is in sung ~ the resurrection, since that will only occur when “destroy fatality forever” (Is.25: 8).

Meaning and also Symbolism

The Eight is the affect that demands perpetual balance. The (lying) Eight is the prize of infinity, in Chinese mythology the Eight is the number of power and money.

Also, the Eight holds in chin a many strength, tenacity and also stamina and also a good deal the creativity.

But it is likewise the affect of depression. If the three space light and also airy, the eight is fairly heavy and phlegmatic, v a penchant because that the negative. Not that people with eight space unhappy people, of course not, however they often tend to perform so more easily.

The Eight includes a high degree of dry humor or sharp-tongued sarcasm. In love, the Eight is an ext conservative, it must all have its stimulate – whereby, that course, the creative thinking inherent in people with one Eight provides love one adventure … one eternal search of balance in the outer and in the inside life is a theme that accompanies human being with one eight throughout your lives.

You space a reasonable thinker, for you a decision have to be do coherent. Just to to speak “that’s how it is” is no enough. You want to understand the stations that go v a decision. You have a company sense and also are a good organizer. Castle have an innovative talent. Even if you perform not usage this predisposition, the still slumbers in your innermost, constantly ready to wake up up.

You have a dry feeling of humor that deserve to quickly adjust to sarcasm if friend feel also stressed. Periodically you view life as well black and also you can not convince you yourself otherwise. The propensity to the an adverse is constantly present.

Number 8 in Love

You have a lot of an innovative talent; the should almost overflow, if you carry out not allow the difficulties of life suppress you too much. You are an outspoken reasonable thinker through a razor-sharp mind.

However, if you just classify your method of thinking as correct, climate you deserve to be really stressful because that your fellow human beings.

If you perform not usage these strong qualities the the eight well because that yourself, then you can totally withdraw indigenous the world and also surrender to the world pain.

Facts about Number 8

The number 8 method the beginning. It symbolizes the transition between heaven and earth, and written horizontally, it to represent infinity. The is considered as the number of justice and also equity. For the Catholic Church it is the prize of the resurrection, price of new life. The 8 speaks of the organization, perseverance and also control of power to create material and also spiritual achievements.

In Babylon, Egypt and also Arabia, 8 to be the variety of the reduplication consecrated to the sun: 2 + 2 + 2: whereby the image of the solar decaying adorned by an 8-arm cross comes from. The Pythagoreans dubbed the number 8 the an excellent Tetrakis, was thought about the authorize of harmony, prudence, and reflection, represents stability, solidarity and balance. The 8 is the organic number that complies with the 7 and also precedes the nine.

The polygon that 8 political parties is called octagon. The 8 hours is the 6th term the the Fibonacci succession, after 5 and before 13. The cube has 8 vertices. Octopus has 8 tentacles. The arachnids are animals with 8 legs. That a Leyland number due to the fact that 22 + 22 = 8. The 8 is the atomic number of oxygen. In computer 8 bits kind 1 byte.

The 8 represents through the 2 entwined line of the caduceus, price of the balance in between antagonistic forces.

It likewise represents the eternal cosmic activity base that regeneration and also infinity. If you ar it horizontally, you will have the ability to represent the symbol of infinity. A chess board has actually dimensions of 8 × 8 squares, providing rise to its 64 squares. In the human body, 8 are the bones of the skull: Frontal, two Temporal, two Parietal, Ethmoid and Sphenoid.

8 are the skeletal of the doll. Pisiform, Pyramidal, Semilunar, Hooked, Large, Scaphoid, Trapezoid and also Trapezius. 8 room the bones of the hand. The American psychologist and also pedagogue, Howard Gardner, a professor at Harvard University, developed his concept of lot of Intelligences, and also these are separated into 8 types: verbal etymological intelligence; logical-mathematical intelligence; spatial or visual intelligence; musical intelligence; kinesthetic body intelligence; Intrapersonal intelligence; interpersonal intelligence and also natural intelligence. Image result for Solomon Star

The 8 is existing in the Star that Solomon, and is a an extremely important prize in various societies of the East. The atoms constantly seek to have 8 valence electrons; this is well-known as the Octet Rule.

In the musical scale the eighth keep in mind will be the same as the first, yet it will differ in even if it is it is more severe or acute.

In the cosmogony mystic that the Middle ages the 8 corresponded to the skies of the resolved stars (Firmamento) and symbolized the perfection that planetary influences -The motion of a planet through the zodiac over time, and therefore, its affect on each person relying on his zodiacal sign-


Scorpio is the eighth authorize of the zodiac. Many thanks to that is perfect symmetry, the number 8 have the right to be put vertically or horizontally, however when reflected in a mirror, that will go back to its initial shape.

This symmetrical perfection leads him to be in perfect balance, which is the right situation, follow to Chinese astrology.

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According come numerology, the research of the hidden an interpretation of numbers and practice that divination assigning a number to each letter the the alphabet and also a special meaning to every number, the 8 speaks of organization, perseverance and also control of energy to produce material and also spiritual achievements. The symbolizes self-sufficiency, success and firmness that approaches.