Mood rings colors meanings are fascinating. They room captivating. Society has been enthralled by them since the bear of atmosphere rings about fifty years ago. 

Wearing a atmosphere ring have the right to make girlfriend look mysterious or thoughtful. It can show others the you’re conscientious about your emotions, and also your the atmosphere ring colors have the right to be a great conversation starter.

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Some folks rotate to a the atmosphere ring come learn about their moods and feelings, and also to be able to detect lock sooner. Some civilization like to check out the atmosphere they’re in reflected by a tiny charm on your finger. Perhaps part ladies and gents who are into mood rings find them nice or humorous.


Do mood ring color accurately tell us what our moods are? Well, they detect changes in body temperature, which are associated with mood. We will certainly look an ext closely into this as we obtain going. 

This overview will describe the miscellaneous mood ring colour (see ours mood ring color chart), while follow me the way, offering you a good overview that the ins and outs of atmosphere rings.

Where go Mood rings Come From?

You might be aware of pet rocks as a fad native the 1970’s and also Rubick’s Cubes indigenous the 80’s. Mood Rings have actually stayed popular a lot much longer than one of two people of these, but the craze dates earlier to the 1970’s.

There isn’t precisely an main inventor of the first mood ring. However, the earliest human known to develop them to be our friend was Marvin Wernick. Now, if you’ve ever seen those little deals with a basic of quartz and then these slim wires ~ above which room hung seagulls, and also the seagulls tide around? the was made by the Marvin Wernick Co.



Well, in 1975, Marvin was with a friend that was a doctor once that friend had to attend to an emergency. Marvin go along. The physician took the temperature that the patient, a young girl, utilizing tape that readjusted color as soon as taped to her forehead. Something that transforms color due to temperature is dubbed thermotropic. 

Wernick to be inspired. He figured he’d lug some of this magic right into his jewelry-making. So he take it a tiny bowl-shaped courage of glass and filled it v liquid crystals the were….yes, thermotropic liquid crystals (also referred to as thermochromic liquid crystals ...). From there, every he had actually to perform was connect this glass to a ring, so when it came into call with a person’s human body temp, that would change color. A mood ring! The mood jewelry or color changing jewelry to be born!

Wernick did not patent his atmosphere ring invention, and in the very same year, mock Reynolds and also Maris Ambats, from new York City, bound liquid crystals and quartz stones. They have tendency to be attributed with being the inventors.

Mood rings take it off before long, climate faded into lesser popularity, then came ago quite nicely in the 90’s.

How execute Mood ring Work?

As for the science behind it, liquid crystals space used because the framework of crystals leads them come reflect particular wavelengths the light. When the surface ar temperature changes, the molecule (in other words, the structure) the the crystals changes, an interpretation it reflects different wavelengths the light. Therefore the crystals adjust colors: from purple to yellow, black to red, silver colored to a satisfaction green...

Now, together for the science of mood and body temperature changes, the pretty simple. The mental and emotional state a human being is in absolutely changes their human body temperature.

There’s a great reason why people talk about “warm and also fuzzy” feelings (at the very least the heat part) or something that leaves them cold. There’s also a factor that human being refer to someone that is angry as “hot.”



For one thing, emotions actually happen throughout the body. Some world shake as soon as they room angry, which demonstrates this idea. Sometimes civilization feel woe in the pit of your stomach, and of course, there space headaches native stress and annoyances.

In 2013, a group of scientists actually mapped out which components of the body felt the assorted emotions. They took an ext than 700 subjects from all cultures, gave them stimuli meant to spark specific feelings, then had actually them map wherein they were feeling some task (often including a change in temperature). The subjects consistently pointed to particular areas for specific emotions, which enabled the experimenters to draw a an excellent map.

To give some examples, pride made subjects feel task in your heads and also faces, but not in their legs. Anger developed a many of activity in the arms and in the upper body more than lower. An feel sparking an excellent activity in the lower body is happiness, which is felt with the whole body. This demonstrates that emotions have actually physical materials in enhancement to just what us think of when we think of as emotions. Many thanks to fluid crystals, mood ring color reflect these combined emotions.

Mood ring Colors and Meanings

But it’s not just activity that human being feel, but changes in temperature. Some that the feelings us associate v intensity or v being active or wanting to carry out things bring boost in temperature. This is true of intense feelings prefer love and anger. Anxiety might carry out a lesser temperature boost than anger, and according to the research above, greatly in the chest area.


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So now that we know about the body an altering temperature, the question can be “how?” In same cases, the is probably mainly to raised blood flow, i beg your pardon happens because of stimulation. Anger, because that example, will activate a “fight or flight” advertise in people. This boost in blood flow and chemicals favor adrenaline reasons a rise in human body temp.

To connect this much more to the mood ring, as soon as stress causes our internal organs come pump the end a the majority of adrenaline, blood has actually to circulation to the organs. In other words, it flows away from the skin, i beg your pardon is why a atmosphere ring would detect a autumn in temperature. That’s how world get to the shorthand that stress reasons a autumn in temperature—it’s really simply a drop close to the surface ar of the skin.

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So, now that we know the ins and outs the what the heck body temp has to do v mood, let’s look in ~ the colors friend will uncover on a mood ring, and also what they mean.