Wild rabbit are one of the surest indicators of springtime: As quickly as young shoots and also buds begin coming up on trees and also flowers, rabbits will certainly be getting here in droves come snack ~ above them. So, while you may be provided to seeing these furry friend in the spring, summer, and also into the fall… Why don’t you watch them in the winter?

Even through their lush and also fluffy coats, rabbits aren’t designed because that cold weather. Due to the fact that their native lands in Southwest Europe are so much warmer, even the most well-adapted rabbits need to make serious changes to their actions during the winter.

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In this article, we’ll be looking at three things that wild hare do in different way in winter: whereby they go, exactly how they survive, and what they eat. By the finish of this article, you’ll have actually a much much better picture the the life that wild rabbits during winter.

Let’s obtain started!


Where execute Wild rabbit Go throughout Winter?

Image: skeeze from PixabayFor most wild rabbits, the occasions of their whole lives are held within a 5-acre area. Because that reference, that’s only about 4 and also a half football field worth that space. This way that throughout the winter, they’ll either dig their own burrows or find a saturated sheltered ar to weather the cold.

From this residence base, they’ll do only short trips out to forage the food necessary to survive the winter. V crepuscular sleep cycles, wild rabbits are most active at dawn and also dusk — the best times to prevent predators’ to crawl eyes.

How do Wild Rabbits survive the Winter?

While some animals will turn to hibernation to make it through the winter time, rabbits perform not require to. This way that through limiting their travels and finding as numerous food resources as lock can, they will certainly attempt to save as much energy as feasible for remaining warm and surviving the winter.

Sadly, wild rabbits do not have actually a high survival rate. Plenty of cottontail hare (the most common kind of wild rabbit in the U.S.) will live for less than a year in the wild, through winter temperatures and food shortages gift a significant cause the death.

What perform Wild hare Eat during Winter?

Because new greens and grasses die off during the winter, wild rabbits have to turn to different food sources during the coldest part of the year. Instead of looking for leaves or hay, lock will turn to the barks that trees because that the bulk of their diet. Unlike the rest of the year, wild rabbits will certainly break their herbivorous diet throughout the winter — occasionally eating insects, moths, and snails.

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Image by Rex Landingham native Pixabay

Final think on Wild rabbits in Winter

There’s no denying that life is difficult for a wild rabbit. Between the constant threat the predators and also the impending cold of winter, numerous are lucky to endure for an ext than a year. However, nature has actually a method of balancing every one of this out: The bunnies that perform survive the winter walk on to procreate very quickly, constantly ensuring a healthy population of rabbits v the spring and summer.

Thank you to our friends in ~ the Dickinson county Conservation Board, a valuable resource of details that we made use of in this article!