Ice biome prowling polar bear in Minecraft can be tamed, but it is not as an easy as taming few of the other animals that players can domesticate.

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Taming Polar bears in Minecraft
There space a many creatures in Minecraft that players can tame. Players can collect and also breed sheep, panda bears, chickens, and also can even breed horses in Minecraft. Now, players can include polar bear to the list.

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Updated might 20th, 2021 by Mina Smith: Minecraft continues to thrive and readjust as brand-new updates, DLC, and also other additions come out. This guide was in need of a few tweaks because that clarity and changes. Hopefully, these brand-new updates will aid all Minecraft football player to far better tame polar bear in the game.

Minecraft Polar Bears

Polar bears are only situated in the icy biomes that Minecraft. Players can discover both adult and also baby polar bears out in the wild, and also they space both tamable. They travel in parties of one to four bears; the easiest means to tame one is to aim for single bears that don"t have actually a cub v them. Polar bears room pretty aggressive through a baby in tow, for this reason players must be extra mindful if trying come tame among a group.

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Polar bears deserve to only be domesticated by feeding them a selection of fish, so players will likewise have to record some before even attempting to tame this white, ice-loving bear in their Minecraft world.

In order come tame a polar bear, players will need lots of fish. And to obtain fish in Minecraft, players will require a fishing rod. There room several methods to gain one.

make fishing rods in ~ a do table the end of three sticks and two string. Raiding castles Stealing from villagers Fishing rods deserve to be fished the end of the water arbitrarily chests almost everywhere the map

Fishing in Minecraft to feed polar bears
Each device enchantment in Minecraft ~ above fishing rods makes fishing much faster by 5 seconds. Players want to fish while the weather is quite in water exposed to straight sun or moonlight. If fishing pole bobbers space not exposed to straight sun/moonlight, the time that players will wait in between fish will certainly be about doubled, and rain additional reduces the speed. In bespeak to obtain as many feasible fish in a short duration of time, players should fish v an fascinating rod, the end in the sunlight while the weather is clear.

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Polar bears have actually a preference for salmon, and also this fish can be found just around anywhere. Salmon and other fish can also be offered to tame cats and to bribe dolphins into leading players to special underwater places. If football player don"t desire to go through the problem of fishing because that salmon, they can kill polar bears to gain raw salmon instead and also use it come tame bear that room still alive.

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players should lug along number of fish for each be affected by each other they great to tame. Feeding the polar be afflicted with the fish, and then keep doing so until hearts appear above their heads. It will certainly take several fish because that each bear, therefore make certain to have plenty on hand. When the hearts popular music up, the be affected by each other is tamed. Players can now usage polar bear to attack, defend, and also even ride. Polar bears are few of the best animals to tame in Minecraft because that usefulness.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox series X/S.

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Source: Gamepur, Minecraft Gamepedia

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