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It"s a popular kind of net slang that Facebook, Instagram, and other social media users generally put in a condition update come get more engagement from your friends or followers.


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When provided in a condition update, Facebook customers most often lead v the LMS expression (asking your friends to press the like button on their status) and then incorporate a factor or some kind of reward for doing so. Castle may also use it as a method to gain friends to participate in a game where the poster sends out anyone who chosen their standing a an individual message, picture or miscellaneous else.

instances of LMS in usage

Using LMS on facebook is just a trendy method to rack up an ext likes and find more interesting means to connect with friends. Comparable trends exist on other social networks, favor Twitter (RT if you...) and Tumblr (Reblog if you...).

LMS if you think superordinary is the best show ever!LMS if girlfriend agree Justin Bieber is extremely talented!LMS if you saw Mr. Thompson's toupee loss off at school today!
LMS if you want to view the hilarious pics ns took this weekend!LMS if you want my new phone number!LMS if you check out this and don't desire to be deleted from my girlfriend list!
LMS if you want me to article a pic on her profile of an pet that i think looks favor you!LMS if you desire me to short article an inspirational quote on your wall!

Unlike some of the an ext recent internet slang abbreviation that have popped increase lately, choose BAE and SMH, the LMS trend has been a facebook favorite through teens and also young adults for years because as early as 2011.

LMS because that a TBH

Among the most popular varieties of LMS articles is LMS because that a TBH. If you're not already aware, TBH stands for,​ to be honest.

When someone articles "LMS for a TBH" ~ above Facebook, it method that they're willing to article an honest opinion of anyone's profile that decides to like their status. Part may even specify that they'll also rate castle too.

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making use of LMS

Using LMS in a short article of her own can be a an excellent way to increase engagement with friends, however only if they recognize what LMS stands for. If they have no idea, climate they're no going to recognize that you want them to choose your status.