Growing up before the world eyes! Peyton List do her mark as a Disney Channel star prior to moving on to other projects.

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The actress was a boy star prior to her large break. In fact, her very first film role was in the 2008 romantic comedy 27 Dresses, in i beg your pardon she played the younger variation of Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane. She then moved on come the Diary the a Wimpy Kid franchise prior to landing her duty as Emma Ross on Jessie.

Peyton starred together Emma on the show from 2011 to 2015 and later reprised her part on the spinoff, Bunk’d. She confirmed in august 2018 the she to be leaving the series.

“Not quitting. I have aged the end of children’s shows,” she replied to a fan via Instagram at the time. “I love every one of those human being so lot from the display they are and constantly will be my family. Everyone grows up and starts brand-new projects. Grateful for everyone who has grown up v me and also will proceed to.”

Peyton reflected on she time as a Disney Channel star together she prepared to say goodbye to Bunk’d.

“It’s interesting. It’s funny that I thrived up through other world who were sort of in the same instance on the show, favor on Jessie. I was 12 year old once I first auditioned and also I love Disney. The was mine dream to be on a Disney show,” she stated on People Now in September 2018. “So it to be weird to suddenly getting stopped by kids my very own age and getting recognized by people. I would go to 6 Flags or Disney or wherever and all of a sudden, i wasn’t simply normal. Ns had civilization my own period as much as me and also it was sort of weird, kind of an adjustment.”

Peyton began taking on much more mature projects, with 2016’s The Thinning, 2018’s The Thinning: brand-new World Order and also 2018’s Light as a Feather. She has actually starred on the Netflix series Cobra Kai because 2019. However, she tho gets contrasted to other previous Disney stars.

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“I just feel choose you and I, we’re no trying come hide one insane life from the public,” she said Bailee Madison during a January 2019 episode of the Wizards that Waverly Place alum’s podcast. “It doesn’t feel prefer that lot pressure come me, yet I have world that come approximately me when I’m travel in tiny towns. Castle like, ‘Don’t rotate out like that Britney Spears or that Miley Cyrus.’”

Scroll through the gallery below to check out Peyton’s transformation through the years!

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