The ideal rug has actually the power to make a home feel choose a home. It can assist to anchor your space and pull every the aspects of your interior design scheme together. But when it comes to selecting a rug to go with the furniture you currently own, you can sometimes feel limited.

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If you are in search of a rug to go with your brown couch, you will certainly be pleasure to know that over there are many gorgeous options obtainable to you. Few of these ideas might also surprise you!

We’ve curated a list of our favorite rugs that go v brown couches, to aid you pick the perfect rug for your home.

Add Some shade With an asian Rug


Joss & Main

Oriental rugs are well-known for their beautiful colors and also patterns, and also the great news is that they go incredibly well v brown couches. A flatwoven rug like this paired v a brown couch will offer your life room a boho-chic look, with the tassels adding a happy touch.

When it concerns decorating the remainder of her room, you can pick out few of the colors native your oriental rug to usage in her accessories, such together cushions, throws, and artwork. This will help to tie everything together, causing a visually pleasing, cohesive design.

A standard Blue and White Floral Rug


Blue and also brown go together beautifully. This is due to the fact that they room complementary colour (opposite colour on the shade wheel) which creates a high contrast and also makes them very pleasing to the eye.

This navy blue and white floral rug creates a contemporary yet elegant look the goes perfectly v a cacao brown sofa. Other shades the brown will work well with this color scheme too, so as soon as it comes to selecting accessories for the remainder of your room, look out for amazing wooden pieces, and rattan accessories.

A Distressed eco-friendly Area Rug



Green is well-known for being one of the most calming and relaxing colors. The reminds us of nature and makes united state feel peaceful and safe. Pairing a green rug through a brown couch is a good way to lug the relaxing feeling of nature into your home.

Ivory, white, and other neutral shades will work well with a brown and green color scheme, so don’t go as well wild including other colors right into this scheme. Complete off the watch with several lush leafy plants to lug even more nature right into your home.

Keep it an easy With a round Monochrome ivory Rug


You may not have thought of making use of a round rug next to a couch, but it deserve to work yes, really well, especially if you have a sectional sofa.

This stunning ivory rug works well with the light brown leather of this couch, lifting the room and making the totality room it seems to be ~ lighter and brighter. Choosing an cream color rug v a subtle pattern will add interest, make it was standing out as a attribute in the room regardless of its pale color.

A Faded eastern Rug in Ivory, Beige, and Grey


Jos & Main

Oriental rugs will never go the end of style, and also they job-related with most decor styles. Also if her tastes adjust in the future, opportunities are you will certainly still love your asian rug. This faded oriental rug go beautifully v the light brown sofa, creating a sophisticated, tonal look.

When decorating together this pairing, watch for other tonal shades that brown, and also accessorize v touches of black and also grey to include contrast.

Go Wild with a Leopard print Area Rug


Ever heard the saying that Leopard is a neutral? Well, it’s true! This gorgeous leopard-print rug walk amazingly well with a brown couch in this neutral interior, including a fun modern-day feel come this space, whilst complementing the rest of the decor.

This rug is proof that neutral-colored rugs don’t have to be boring. Picking a rug with an amazing pattern is one of the easiest means to liven increase your an are whilst still keeping a advanced neutral shade scheme.

A Blue Antique style Area Rug


If girlfriend love more traditional decor, then try pairing a dark brown sofa with a light blue and brown antique-style rug. A blue and also brown color scheme is perfect for developing an understated elegance in her home. Antique-style rugs prefer this can likewise be paired with more modern-day furniture if she a pan of transitional decor.

Although this rug looks choose it could be one antique, many rugs in this layout are currently made native polypropylene, therefore they room hard-wearing, and also will wake up well to hefty foot traffic. This provides them a an excellent choice for liven households!

Keep it basic With a navy Blue Area Rug


Navy blue and brown space a enhance made in heaven, so selecting a rug in a deep marine will always work well alongside a brown couch. This solid marine blue rug is a an excellent example of exactly how a navy blue rug can ground the space, helping to develop a clean seating zone in your home.

If you choose a solid-colored rug, look the end for the various textures available. For a cozy feeling underfoot climate look the end for rugs through a more thick pile. If you prefer to keep it straightforward then go for a flatwoven rug i beg your pardon will offer you a chic, contemporary look.

Grey and also White strip Tufted Rug


A grey rug paired through a brown couch is a good way to produce a smart, sophisticated look in your living room. This watch is perfect for modern-day apartments and also works well through minimalist interiors.

Black and brown together absolutely doesn’t need to be boring, as this gorgeous tufted stripe rug shows. This rug is beautiful thick and also is the perfect method to make your living area feel warm and also comfortable. You can add an ext texture and also depth by selecting throws and cushions through a selection of various textures.

A Rainbow Rug for Mid-Century contemporary Vibes


Add part color and also style to her living room v a bolder mid-century modern style area rug. The muted rainbow colors in this rug work-related perfectly with this irradiate brown animal leather couch, producing a relaxed, retro vibe.

If you want to include lots of shade into a room v a brown sofa, making use of muted colour is a great way to perform it there is no looking childish.

Add in part Texture with a Chunky wool Rug


If you want to keep things simple, then you can’t go wrong through a textured wool rug. The herbal ivory color of a wool rug will job-related well with many brown couches and will aid to make your an are feel lighter and brighter – perfect if you’ve got dark hardwood flooring.

Wool rugs come in countless different textures and also weaves, yet if you want your rug come really was standing out, choose one through a chunky texture. Structure rugs room a small trickier to clean, so could not be the best choice for family members with pet or children.

A Timeless Blue Persian Rug


A blue Persian style rug together a brown sofa is a good way to create a modern elegant look in your home. Blue and brown compliment each other perfectly, therefore this color combination will produce a well balanced look for her living room.

Persian rugs space timeless, and can work-related with a variety of various decor styles, making them a good choice also if your tastes readjust frequently.

Add some Warmth v Gold and Blush

Joss & Main

Warmer colors choose gold and also blush will work-related well v a brown couch to produce a warm, inviting interior. The herbal warm color of a brown leather couch complements the color of this rug beautifully, when the faded vintage architecture gives the whole room an effortlessly stylish look.

Styling your room v colors had in the rug is just one of the easiest methods to produce a cohesive architecture scheme, so shot adding in throws and cushions special ivory, blush, or gold with a rug like this.

A Black and also White ring Rug


You can provide your life room a stylish modern-boho watch by making use of a black and white round rug alongside her brown sofa. Light-colored rugs work-related well v brown couches, making the room feel bright and open.

If you’re worried around using a irradiate colored rug in a house with pet or youngsters – nothing be! Rugs like this space hardwearing and very easy to to wash if they acquire dirty.

Try a Moroccan layout Rug because that a serene Boho Vibe


Another method to acquire the boho-chic look in your living room is to usage a black and also white Moroccan layout area rug. This layout looks an excellent with a brown or caramel-colored sofa and will produce an effortlessly stylish, tranquil look.

The pattern on this rug is rather busy, so store it simple when it involves the remainder of her decor. Several cacti and also leafy tree will aid create a beachy look, reminiscent of holidays in the sunlight on the Moroccan coast.

How to choose the Perfect Rug for her Brown Couch

Choosing the appropriate rug to go v your brown couch is crucial task, after ~ all, her living room is one area wherein you invest a most time, therefore you should love it! right here are some agree tips for selecting the perfect rug because that a brown sofa.

Choosing a Color

When it come to choosing a color, some colors work much better with brown than others, so here are part fail-safe options:

Blues – Blue and also brown are complementary colors (opposites top top the color wheel) so utilizing blue and also brown together will create a very pleasing, balanced look.Neutrals – Neutral colour such as ivory and also warmer shades the white will job-related well through a brown couch, and help to do your an are feel lighter and also brighter.Red, Pinks, and also Golds – warm colors work beautifully with brown sofas, producing a warm and inviting shade scheme.Greens – many shades of environment-friendly will look an excellent alongside a brown couch. Using environment-friendly is the perfect way to create a relaxed natural feel in your home, bringing elements of nature inside.

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Different Textures and also Materials

Choosing a textured rug is a good way to include warmth and personality to your living area. Chunky wool and also natural fiber rugs are perfect for including warmth and giving your space a an ext relaxed feel. If you choose a clean, modern look, then store an eye out for rugs v a shorter pile.

For a much more luxurious, elegant look, go for a tool pile rug in a man-made material such as polypropylene. This will feel beautifully soft underfoot while being simple to clean and maintain – The perfect choice for busy residences with families and also pets!