In this article, we space going to i found it what shade does red and also brown make. Us will likewise talk about color theory so rod around…

Discovering the prestige of color mixing will assist you through your art.

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As an artist, expertise the concept of color mixing is important for trial and error and added depth within your work. Not to mention, you deserve to use the color formed for various other projects.

Aside native finding the end the byproduct of mixing the two colors, we will likewise touch top top the meaning of that color as well as its usage in design.

What involves mind once we talk around red? Is it a rose? Cosmetics? Or possibly cherries or apples?

How around brown? pictures that concerned mind incorporate coffee beans, cinnamon, or nuts. The shade represents nature because brown is the shade of the soil.

These colors on their own have features that portray distinct emotions. Because that red, one can associate love because it is warm and also vibrant. Meanwhile, for brown, one have the right to feel a sense of strength and sadness.

Today, let’s find out what happens when we integrate these two colors.

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Color Wheel Theory

In order to understand how colors are pertained to one another, let’s take a look at a color wheel. This visual reference shows the organization of colors indigenous light and warm, come dark and cool.


Maroon in itself is a darker the shade of red, which is the impact of brown. If you have a bigger quantity the brown, mean that the shade will be darker than normal maroon. ~ above the various other hand, if girlfriend go hefty on red for the combination, the end an outcome will have a warmer color.

Overall, maroon is a dark color and resembles a shade of brownish crimson or claret.

Maroon in Design

When it pertains to interior design, maroon definitely screams elegance and also superiority. The shade provides a feeling of power and likewise a touch the femininity in a space.

Aside indigenous walls, the color can additionally be supplied as flooring or carpet, furniture, and also even accents in rooms. Because that instance, you have the right to use a maroon-colored manage on kitchen cabinets for a classic touch.

Maroon additionally resembles the shade of wine, which provides it a great color for the kitchen or dining area. It to represent passion, warmth, and confidence, i m sorry homeowners can use to offer their space some character.

Bottom Line

Maroon is a byproduct of mixing colors red and also brown. It is a darker shade of red that represents love, passion, risk, and confidence.

As we mix the 2 colors red and also brown, we discover how colour can impact each other. This way when you combine the two, the quantities of the 2 colors can make the byproduct brighter or darker.

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We expect you learned a lot around the colors maroon, red, and also brown today. Once someone asks friend “what shade does red and also brown make?” you deserve to wow them v your knowledge and also instantly price maroon and also explain exactly how this happens.