Anyone that works v colors demands to know exactly how to mix them. Even if it is you are a artist or a makeup artist, you want to make sure that you can get the colour you are going for.

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This way, you can end up your production exactly just how you envision it, or even better.

Now, imagine what hue green and brown will make when mixed. Having actually trouble law so?

You space in luck since today, we will be talking about what hue you have the right to expect to get when girlfriend mix these 2 colors.

Interested? read on…

Basic shade Theory and Its Relevance

prior to we proceed with the answer, let’s go with a little bit of a refresher on color theory. As kids, our earliest knowledge of color concept is the color wheel.

According come this theory, there space three major colors, namely red, blue and also yellow. So, your basic wheel will begin with red, blue and yellow.


You might want come experiment with adding white or irradiate gray to soften the hue, providing you a pastel color. When you add white, girlfriend are creating a tint, while adding gray gives you a tone.

As you create a lighter variation of the hue, you deserve to use the gradients to develop a pleasing effect. Friend can additionally use complementary colour such together reds. This is valuable in providing pops of shade to your internal design.

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A lighter version of this hue can be used amongst other pastel colors such together pastel blue, pink, yellow and also violet.


Now that you understand what hue girlfriend will create when mix green and also brown, you have the right to use this knowledge for your occupational and personal designs. Us hope girlfriend learned a many today!