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Unit 1: introduction to Handgun EducationTopic 1: Firearm security RulesTopic 2: The prestige of Handgun EducationTopic 3: Learning around Handgun UsesUnit 2: understand Your Handgun EquipmentTopic 1: What Is a Handgun?Topic 2: What Is Ammunition?Topic 3: Understanding common Features of Handguns—Sights object 4: Understanding common Features that Handguns—Actions topic 5: Understanding common Features of Handguns—Safeties topic 6: Understanding typical Features the Handguns—Magazines subject 7: utilizing the exactly AmmunitionTopic 8: discovering a Handgun"s RangeTopic 9: Cleaning your HandgunTopic 10: Storing her HandgunUnit 3: an easy Handgun SkillsTopic 1: Developing an excellent Marksmanship and AccuracyTopic 2: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Fundamentals and also GripTopic 3: finding out Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Body PositionTopic 4: finding out Handgun-Shooting Techniques—AimingTopic 5: discovering Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Breathing and also Trigger SqueezeTopic 6: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—Follow ThroughTopic 7: learning Handgun-Shooting Techniques—PracticingTopic 8: finding out Handgun-Shooting Techniques—SummaryTopic 9: utilizing Handguns at the shoot RangeUnit 4: Handgun SafetyTopic 1: understanding Why security Is ImportantTopic 2: for sure Loading and also Unloading HandgunsTopic 3: transferring HandgunsTopic 4: extr Safety PrecautionsTopic 5: Resolving disputes Without ViolenceUnit 5: Handgun LawsTopic 1: Obeying Handgun LawsTopic 2: learning State and also Local legislations

All contemporary handguns have actually three an easy groups of parts.

Action: The action, also known as the cause group, consists of the parts that fire the cartridges. Several varieties of plot are offered in modern-day handguns. Frame: The structure is a metal housing that likewise serves as the take care of (grip) that the handgun. All various other parts are included within it or connected to it. Barrel: The barrel is the metal tube that the cartridge travels through. The handgun barrel is much much shorter than a rifle or shotgun barrel due to the fact that the total is design to it is in shot when being held with one or two hands, quite than being placed against the shooter"s shoulder.

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Repeating handguns (revolvers and semi-automatic pistols) hold much more than one round of ammunition. A revolver offers a cylinder to store the ammunition, and a semi-automatic pistol uses a removable magazine the fits in the grip.

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