Sausages room so typical (and tasty) that people rarely stop and think about how and also why they are made the means they are. Over there are number of kinds of sausages made roughly the human being and, possibilities are, you"ve had one sort or another.

So how did sausages come about? and what precisely are we eating? If these space the questions you have, then hopefully this have the right to be your answer.

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Where and how walk sausages originate?

There room many species of sausages that originated from different countries and also cultures. There are Italian sausages from Italy, bratwurst from Germany, kielbasa indigenous Poland, mexico sausages, etc.

Historically, Italian and also German cultures were typically negative cultures. Family members couldn"t purchased much, for this reason they had actually to use every component of the animal possible, and also they essential an easy way to store the meat. 

In Italy, castle started creating dried sausages because that storage benefits that would certainly ensure the sausages can be maintained for months. Together for Germany and also bratwurst, that is stated that "brat" is an old German word for "meat there is no waste." This way bratwursts were developed as a way to preserve the meat and also use the trimmings left indigenous butchering after cutting the big parts that meat.

Several generations ago, mine ancestors came from Germany come southeastern Ohio whereby they started farming. To this day, my grandpa always tells me that as soon as they butchered a hog, they offered every part of the pet for something, other than the squeal. Because they couldn"t record it.

Ultimately, sausages to be made depending on the country/food society they source in.

What provides each kind of sausage unique?

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The difference in between each type of sausage is the seasoning. Italian sausages have actually a variety of Italian seasonings and also spices, most famously fennel and anise. Mexican sausages, such together chorizo, include spicier seasonings that room red to give the sausage its vibrant color. There is likewise a green chorizo the is made with chiles and cilantro.

Each type of sausage seasoning varies depending upon where the sausage originates. The seasoning choices go back to when the sausages were an initial produced and explain the early on food societies of various regions.

What room these edible casings?

That, friends, is a very good question. In fact, there room a few different types of casings that these sausages are stuffed in. The first type is the natural casings. Organic casings are made native the tiny intestines the livestock, such together cattle, hogs, or sheep. The intestines room processed automatically after slaughter.

During processing, the interior layer, referred to as the "slime," that the small intestine is removed in addition to the outside tissues. Little intestines are offered for the casings because the big intestines are too hard to it is in chewed. FYI, chorizo is typically packaged in organic casings.

Sausages are also packed in artificial casings. This casings deserve to be made from plant-based cellulose, i beg your pardon are generally from noodle or wood. The cellulose casings room usually supplied when smoking cigarettes the meats and also are usually removed after ~ the heat treatment because they room paper-like and also should not be consumed.

Casings could additionally be make from pet by-product-based collagen from skins and hides. Depending upon the source, some collagen casings are edible and some are not.

The "perfect" casing is one that is edible, can resist the pressure once packaging, and also is permeable come water. The only means to tell what a casing is do of is if you read the packaging or asking the butcher.

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Essentially, sausages were produced a range of reasons based on what each individual society needed at the time. Every sausage expresses the cultures signature spices to link the meat back to a place and also time. No all sausages were made equal, yet they all sure were made delicious.

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