The Webley is famous for being an top & conveniently recognised top-break revolver. Break the revolver operates the extractor, which removes cartridges from the cylinder. The Mk VI, introduced in 1915 throughout WW1, is maybe the best-known model. Firing large .455 Webley cartridges, Webley service revolvers are among the most an effective top-break revolvers ever produced.

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At the finish of the world War 1, the brothers military determined that the .455 calibre total & cartridge to be too huge for modern military use. After countless tests & extensive trials it was established that a pistol in .38 calibre firing a 200-grain (13 g) bullet would certainly be simply as reliable as the .455 for stopping an enemy.

Webley & Scott automatically tendered the .38/200 calibre Webley Mk IV revolver, which and being practically identical in appearance to the .455 calibre Mk vi revolver (albeit scaled under for the smaller cartridge), was based upon their .38 calibre Webley Mk III pistol which to be designed for the police & civilian markets.

The British federal government took the style to the Royal little Arms factory (RSAF) in ~ Enfield, which come up through a revolver the was externally virtually identical, but was internally different enough the no components from the Webley can be offered in the Enfield & angry versa.

The Enfield-designed pistol was easily accepted under the designation Pistol, Revolver, No. 2 Mk I, & was adopted in 1932, complied with by the Mk I* (spurless hammer, dual action only) & finally the Mk I** (simplified because that wartime production) in 1942. Webley & Scott sue the British federal government over the incident, explain £2250 as “costs associated in the research and design” of the revolver.

This was disputed by RSAF Enfield, which quite firmly stated that the Enfield No. 2 Mk I was design by Captain boys (the Assistant Superintendent that Design, later on of Boys Anti-Tank Rifle fame) with aid from Webley & Scott & no the other means around. Accordingly, their case was denied yet by method of rebab.netpensation, the imperial rebab.netmission top top Awards come Inventors eventually awarded Webley & Scott £1250 for their work.

As it turned out, RSAF Enfield showed unable come manufacture enough No. 2 revolvers to accomplish the military’s wartime demands & as a an outcome the Webley Mk IV was additionally widely supplied within the British military in human being War 2.

Due come the high demand, war production Webley revolvers were manufactured with less emphasis on finish which Webley was not rebab.netfortable with, therefore in stimulate to protect their reputation for top quality they significant these together ‘War Finish’. You can quite conveniently see the absence of refinement top top these with the milling clues quite evident & a unique lack the bluing.

These are currently quite challenging to uncover in original condition as many underwent the FTR (factory thoroughly refurbishment) process whereby they were re-coated & all parts were checked & replaced if necessary. Being a reasonably simple gun, many were simply refinished without believed for future collectors. This is an opportunity to include a genuine wartime Webley in excellent condition to your collection.

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