Lisa Kudrow, 57, best known for play the function of Phoebe Buffay in the hit series "Friends", to be rumored come be in reality pregnant while playing a pregnant Phoebe on the show.

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As the "Friends" reunion special quickly approaches, fans of the sitcom have started rewatching the 10 seasons. Approximately the 4th season, the storyline the the display takes a new turn, where Phoebe Buffay is revealed to be pregnant. Fans wondered if this was a cover-up.

"Friends: The Reunion" is collection to wait on may 27th ~ above HBO Max, and also will feature the original cast, together with many famous guest stars.


Lisa Kudrow ~ above Season 4

In season four of "Friends", writers of the show made decision to construct on Lisa Kudrow"s real-life pregnant as Phoebe Buffay"s surrogate pregnancy.

In the show, Phoebe"s half-brother, frank Buffay Jr., access time Phoebe and tells her around his girl friend Alice, and how they want to have kids but Alice can"t conceive. Phoebe volunteered to serve as a surrogate for she half-brother, giving birth to triplets in season five.


The entire fourth and also a section of the fifth season to be centered around Phoebe and her pregnancy, even leaving her the end of a significant episode wherein the entire cast goes to London.

Since the entire cast visited London in real-life there is no Lisa Kudrow, fans were curious about the her whereabouts.

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Lisa Kudrow"s genuine life pregnancy

Unbeknownst to fans, Lisa Kudrow was actually pregnant with her son, Julian. In one interview with "People" magazine, Lisa declared that the actors were very supportive of she pregnancy. As soon as doing pre-taping huddles, castle even consisted of her baby.

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She said:

"When i was pregnant, they would certainly say, "Have a great show, love you, love you, love you, little Julian!"

The actress feel sentimental when pointing out it. She continued:

"So sweet, they had my small fetus in the huddle."

As the today, Julian, that is now 22, has just graduated college. In an Instagram photo captioned, "Happy proud HAPPY. And a small crying. Through me no him.
juls_magewls", Lisa congratulated her just child because that graduating from USC.

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