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"Walking in the Air" is a song written by Howard Blake because that the 1982 animated movie of Raymond Briggs" 1978 children"s publication The Snowman. The song creates the centrepiece of The Snowman, i beg your pardon has become a seasonal favourite on British and Finnish television. The story relates the fleeting adventures of a young boy and a snowman who has pertained to life. In the second component of the story, the boy and the snowman paris to the phibìc Pole. "Walking in the Air" is the layout for the journey. They attend a party the snowmen, in ~ which the boy appears to it is in the only human being until they accomplish Father Christmas v his reindeer, and the boy is provided a scarf through a snowman pattern. In the film, the song was perform by St Paul"s Cathedral choirboy Peter Auty, and also reissued in 1985 (on stiff Records) and also 1987. In 1985, an changed version was taped for use in a TV advertising project for toys "R" Us. As Auty"s voice had actually then broken, Blake recommended the climate 15 year old Welsh chorister Aled Jones, whose recording reached number 5 in the UK pop charts, and who ended up being a renowned celebrity ~ above the toughness of his performance. The combination of the tune with Jones, combined with the reality that Auty to be not attributed on The Snowman, would cause a typical misbelief that Jones perform the track in the film. "Walking in the Air" has actually subsequently been covered by over fourty artists, in a selection of styles. In a UK poll in 2012, the Aled Jones version was vote 13th on the ITV tv special The Nation"s Favourite Christmas Song.more »

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We"re walking in the airWe"re floating in the moonlit skyThe people far below are sleeping as we flyI"m holding very tight (I"m holding really tight)I"m riding in the midnight blue (I"m talk in the midnight blue)I"m detect I deserve to fly therefore high above with you(Riding in the midnight blue)On throughout the civilization (on throughout the world)The villages go by like desires (the towns go by prefer dreams)The rivers and also the hills, the forests and also the streamsChildren gaze open mouthedTaken by surpriseNobody down below believes your eyes We"re surfing in the waiting (we"re surfing in the air)We"re swim in the frozen sky (we"re swimming in the frozen sky)We"re drifting over icy mountains floating bySuddenly swooping lowOn an s deepRousing increase a mighty monster native his sleepAnd wade in the airWe"re dancing in the midnight skyAnd everyone who sees united state greets united state as we flyWe"re go in the airWe"re go in the air

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Aled Jones Aled Jones (born 29 December 1970) is a Welsh singer and also a television and radio presenter who very first came to fame as a treble (the highest possible vocal range).

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The is noteworthy for presenting songs of worship on BBC 1, BBC Radio 2"s The early Breakfast Show, good Morning Sunday and also The Choir top top BBC Radio 3. More »