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5 factors Why purchase a supplied Golf dare from on facebook or Craigslist could be a negative Idea


I’m browsing Craig’s List for golf carts. I’m armed with a cup the coffee and an open mind.

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I view a listing for a dope-looking white golf dare with superior chrome wheels. I click. The title reads as follows…

ALL NEW!! Pearl White , LIFTED GOLF dare , totally free DELIVERY !! – $4500 (Mt.pleasant)

I then read the description…

Very Awesome dare !!, all NEW! 14″ wheels , led lights , flip ago seat , custom seats , windshield and charger , complimentary DELIVERY !!,

This is an actual, present listing on Craig’s List. There are hundreds similar to them. And, you’ll uncover multitudes of comparable listings on facebook Marketplace.

Let me ask girlfriend a question. Would you game buying the over referenced golf cart?

Well why not you ask?

Not only is the awesome… it’s very awesome. It’s gained 14-inch wheels, LED lights, a flip-back seat and custom seats, a windshield (albeit a misspelled one), a charger… AND… wait because that it… free DELIVERY!

Sounds legit right?

“9 the end of 10 Golf Cart we Repair come From on facebook or Craigs List”

What’s remarkable around this listing is not what that describes yet what the doesn’t. Because that instance, umm, let’s watch here… Who makes it? What year is it? friend know… simply the two most necessary details.

Tens of countless hard-working, tax-paying, God-fearing, patriotic americans go virtual to FB Marketplace or Craig’s List and also buy a busted golf cart that they end up having to dump a bunch the money into. Don’t be this guy (or gal).

In this short article I’m going to share with you 5 reasons why buying a golf cart from Craig’s perform and/or on facebook Marketplace could be a lousy idea.

You’re welcome.

You may be questioning yourself why ns qualified to share such valuable wisdom. Great question.

Reason 1: I recognize a most stuff around golf carts.

Reason 2: I’m component owner of Charleston tradition Carts, a factory-authorized golf dare dealership and also service center.

Reason 3: We have a full-fledged golf cart service department with multiple mechanics that spend many of their time working on golf carts that people bought from Craig’s perform and/or on facebook Marketplace.

So there you go. Now listen up.

Here space the 5 alarming factors why you have to avoid buying a golf cart from Craig’s List, Facebook, eBay and other virtual marketplace sites.

Reason One: carry out You Really want to purchase A Cart the Someone developed in their Garage?

Unfortunately most of the golf carts you check out on facebook marketplace and also Craigslist room for sale by guys who mass create them for benefit in your garage or backyard v the single intent of do the most profit. This unfortunately provides them buy enlarge carts, cheaper parts and they provide no warranty or obligation if anything goes wrong.

You will certainly from time to time see a family members or old lady offering her golf cart and also you have the right to sometimes uncover a an excellent deal there however unfortunately these locations are inundated v 100’s of enlarge carts accumulated to “look” nice.

So you buy a dare from a male on Craig’s list or Facebook that delivers that to her house. You drive it because that a week and also realize it requirements work. Now what?

Did the seller carry out a warranty? go he have a company center? execute you even know whereby the hell the lives?

Of course not. It is why world call united state to fix their busted cart difficulties everyday. Us go pick it up because that them and also fix it up because that them. But they must of purchase a cart from united state in the an initial place. 60% of our service company is from civilization who to buy a shining “all new” dare online.

Reason Two: Golf Carts Being sold As “ALL NEW” Are frequently Older 보다 Dirt

I keep seeing these golf cart listings the say “ALL NEW”. Nothing you fall for it.

When girlfriend come across a listing for a golf cart that doesn’t show the year the very an initial question you need to ask you yourself is why?. The factor why any type of information is deliberately skip is due to the fact that it is info that will certainly not aid sell the cart.

Most carts being offered for profit online space carts older 보다 2010, some we have seen are as old in ~ 2002. They are got for less than $1,500, given a rapid cosmetic resolve (new body, wheels, tires, seats) and resold for $3,000 – $6,000.

The electrical system, brakes, steering, motor, wiring, controller, switches and frame room untouched and are 90% of the moment the parts that need repair. Together I’m penning this masterpiece, there are numerous of these above-referenced golf carts sitting in our business department ideal NOW, one needing a new controller ($400), one needing new steering assembly ($300), one needing new brakes ($300), one needing brand-new wiring ($450)… and also that’s simply today.

They look pretty though.

Buying golf carts that space older 보다 7-8 years is one unnecessary gamble. And also listing this lemons as “All New” is disingenuous.

Reason Three: most Refurbished Golf Carts Being offered Use worse Parts

Underneath the shiny veneer the a golf cart, hiding behind the sparkling chrome wheels, space parts. Favor anything there’s cheap parts and also quality parts.

People that are trying to do some quick cash by flipping golf carts space not using luxury parts. Sometimes we view new(ish) parts yet they are nearly always inferior quality; the form of parts that will often let friend down as soon as you really need them and also leave you cursing in former of her children.

Reason Four: many Carts Being sold Online room Cheaper Brands

Like the design year, golf cart listings frequently don’t phone call you who made the bland thing.

At Charleston custom Carts we build custom carts indigenous Club auto that are never older than 2013 because they room the best, most reliable.

Most refurbished golf carts being offered online are EZGO, and also it’s ours opinion that Club car makes a remarkable and an ext reliable product. Club car uses every aluminum frames i m sorry is specifically important in the rust-promoting environment of the short Country.

Used EZGO carts room cheaper to obtain than Club automobile carts and also therefore space a popular selection for those cashing in on selling provided carts.

Reason Five: utilizing Cheap batteries is a huge Mistake

The heart of every golf cart space the batteries.

Many the the golf cart listings I have actually seen brag about having “brand brand-new batteries”. What you should recognize is there is a broad variety of high quality in golf dare batteries. The Craig perform carts we organization mostly have actually low-quality, cheap batteries.

Charleston custom Carts only use Trojan battery or U.S. Battery which we feel room the highest-quality, longest-lasting and most trustworthy batteries on the market.

You deserve to learn an ext about Trojan here.

And U.S. Battery here…

By currently you know not to buy a provided cart virtual from CL or FB witout seriously asking a lot of questions and have a golf cart technician inspect it out. So now it’s time because that the shameless promo of Charleston practice Carts.

Here’s a fast list of factors why you have to buy a tradition cart native us, and why CCC is exploding in growth in the Charleston area. 

Reason 1: CCC builds Club auto carts that room 2013 or newer.Reason 2: CCC only supplies the highest-quality, many trusted and tested parts brands.Reason 3: All of ours carts come with brand new batteries native Trojan or U.S. Battery.Reason 4: Every cart we build comes through a complete warranty and the battery come through an 18-month warranty.

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Reason 5: If friend buy a dare from us and something breaks, we come pick it up, resolve it and bring it back to you.

So there you have it. Execute you really want to purchase a Frankenstein-Cart that you watch on the internet and also roll the dice? Or i will not ~ you rather buy a completely customized golf cart that is warranty-protected by a dependable authorized dealer through a full service department?